Thursday, January 17, 2008

Honeymoon Time Again

No, not for me and Japa......but this time for Rod and Zhar. They're getting married in August, but the real OC people that they are (hehehe) they are already planning their honeymoon! Where do *I* come in? Uhhhmmmmm.....I guess I'm their RCI planner, hahahahaha! We've got timeshare weeks banked and they're up for grabs by any one of us kids to use. So since it's a honeymoon, I guess they have priority. For this year. Hehehe.

I've called RCI, Rod and Zhar and I've put in your request for Paris and London....was it somewhere in Italy for the third one? I can't remember. I'm hoping to hear from the RCI guy in a week or two. I've given him a time frame and he's going to be working around the parameters we've given him. Will let you guys know when I hear from him.

Travel plans....hmmmm.....we're still hoping that we can take a proper vacation with the kids this summer again. This past summer was just horrible as it was sooooo HOT!!! Ugh! Besides, aren't we going to be looking for a place to set up base again? With our plans for GRC, we've got some options. Las Vegas real estate is on the decline, which makes it a viable option IF we decide to remain with the current project. But if not, it's time to look at other states. If we're thinking of Arizona, how far is that from Texas, I wonder? The Houston real estate market is looking pretty good, too! And I've always wanted to see President Bush's home state! :) And dear Carolyn, our friend who's gone out of the army due to health reasons, says that her homestate is a great place to settle, too, although I do have to research a bit on Georgia real estate to even attempt to come up with a recommendation for the place.

So yeah, a proper vacation to look at all these places first hand? I'll volunteer to do it! Hehehe Anything to get out of here during the HOT summer!

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Zharmagne said...

Oh wow! Thanks Ate Rona for all the help =) Let us know where are the cool sites to visit too. I'd like to help in any way i could so holler if you need an extra hand. XOXO