Friday, January 11, 2008

Controlling Our Work Environment

To finish a website and a couple of Tour Guide Maps, Lai and I decided we were going to take matters into our own hands and control our work environment. See, while in the office, we have TOO many distractions and interruptions. People coming into our office ( we rarely espouse a closed-door policy) and having questions needing answers, or checks to sign, or just to chat. So we figure if we eliminate those interruptions, we would get so much work done.

With that said, we went to Shangri-La Plaza at 11 am. We opened the mall, hehehe. We went straight to our fave restaurant over there, CPK. Before we settled in though, we had to make sure that we could have a table near an outlet so we could plug in our laptops and work away. Because we were the FIRST ones in there, of course we had that option! Hehehe.

So we ordered food and proceeded to discuss some last minute things. We finally started work on our respective projects. I started on the website while Lai started on the Shrine Tour Map. The food came, we ate, while constantly typing on our keyboards. We'd re-surface when we'd get a call or text message on our mobile phones, but most were work-related so that was ok. We however, did NOT have any internet connection at CPK, so we were forced to call people at the office or Bang (a life saver!!!) for some info we needed that instant.

I was having a lot of problems with my iWeb program. For some reason it would NOT open and load my files!!! Ack! Good thing we were at Shang, so at least I just moseyed on over to iStudio to have them look at it. Well, when I was there, the program seemed to work fine. Ooookay. Back I went to CPK and tried to open it; same thing happened. Then it dawned on me that MAYBE the darn program needed some internet connection for it to work?!?! Impossible sounding, but I do need to look that up if that's true.

So anyhoo, since I *NEEDED* some wi-fi connection, we finally left CPK.....after 4.5 hours!!! Hahahahaha! Oh well. At least it was an ultra-productive working lunch because we got a TON of work done! We proceeded to Starbucks on the 6th level and paid for some access. An hour was good, it was enough for me to come to the conclusion that I *did* need internet connection for my iWeb to open up and for me to work on my files! Weird, but I guess that's that. It would be cool to be able to hook up my laptop to a TV or projector via HDMI cables and see my work in high definition! Hehehe. A feeling of accomplishment, somehow. But oh well. It's not all done yet, and I've got tons to type in still.

After an hour and half or so at Starbucks --- sipping some Frappucinos, of course! --- Lai and I decided to call it a day. We had done good work, and made a huge dent in our respective projects. So yayayayayayyyyyy us!! WHoohoohoo! We left Shang fuller, yes, hehehe, but with satisfaction that we had done a LOT today!

I got home and I decided I was done with work. So I scrapped :) And was productive, too!


What a GREAT day it has been! Yeah! TTFN!

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