Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

It's 2008!!!! Happy New Year to everyone!!!

We had a blast (pun intended, hehehe) at Apitong. A lot of us cousins counted down together, even if it WAS a little bit past midnight. We all had different times on our watches and Mom and Dad were taking their sweet time going out onto the garage and lawn area where the fireworks were set up.

So we finally decided that we were going to count down TOGETHER and we did. When we hit 1, we all yelled Happy New Year. Pretty much everyone started jumping up and down AND shaking coin purses and piggy banks stuffed with coins. Yes, it was one big NOISY party!

Then the fireworks began. Not sure how Rondic set it up, but it was L.O.U.D!!! There was this long snake of a thing of fireworks which, when started, lasted for a whopping FIFTEEN minutes!!! Whoa!

Took lots of pics of course, but everything's still in the memory cards, hehehe. But by the time a half hour or so had passed, the air was thick with gross smog from all the firecrackers that went off when it struck midnight. Even the kids were in on the action, lighting their little firecrackers-----not sure what they're called exactly, and I'm not even going to venture to guess!

It was Ranger's FIRST time to hold and witness fireworks and he was not scared at all! In fact, he was right in front looking at everything that was going on! Thanks goodness he had had a nap in the afternoon and he was in such a jovial, total-party mood!

It is now past 2 am and we're finally home. Need to get some much needed sleep to start the new year right, eh?

Happy New Year to everyone!!!

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