Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cookies, Anyone?

I love cookies! Especially the ones that Elizza USED to make herself: Crinkles and the Chocolate Oatmeal ones. Now, I have to bribe Melinda to make me a batch or two....and then hide it from RJ and Robin when in La Vista, otherwise they'd gobble them all up in a few minutes! Hehehehe. And yes, I like them chewy, NOT crunchy the way Lola likes them. Ugh.

I know I saw a TON of cookie recipes with links over at Katie the Scrapbook Lady's blog......but I have to look for that and bookmark it. Where to put cookies? In cute, whimsical cookie jars of course! If they last long, that is, hehehe. Normally, a batch of cookies would last 3 days in our household. But with cookie jars like these, wouldn't you want the cookies to last a little bit longer just so we can use the jars? hehehe. Cute, huh!

You can get one here.

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