Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Relics Arrive

The office was a MADHOUSE today!!! Everyone was jumping around, rushing around to get sooo many details done for when the Relics arrived.

Japa went to the airport to join the crowd greeting Relics. He said there was a LOT of people from the airport to Kalayaan Hall where they "dressed" the Relics on a festive tabletop and placed in a "Therese mobile" to transport her to the Shrine, and still a lot of people lining the streets in front of the Shrine.

When I called our Site Office, I was surprised to learn that people were already there at noon. I thought there was a mass, but our person at the Shrine said that no, the people were there to WAIT for the Reliquary. And they knew that the Relics were going to arrive in the country at 245 pm, and that it wouldn't get to the Shrine until close to 5 pm! So WOWOWOWOWOW!

For more information on the Visit of the Pilgrim Relics of St. Therese, just visit our site, www.stthereseshrine.com. Yup, I'm proud of that site since I made it, hehehe.

In other news, Ranger still has his cough, but it's abated a lot. The antibiotics have helped, and he is now on a 3-day cycle of steroids. Some prednisone or something like that. His pedia told me not to worry, it is just a mild steroid; it's supposed to help Ranger's air tracts widen a bit more, allowing him to breathe more easily. His asthma is not a good thing to see. The poor boy really has a hard time inhaling :(. Hopefully, like his older siblings, Ranger will outgrow the asthma. I don't want him to get used to the meds and go into rehabs or anything like that. He *seems* to be getting his attacks after a longer period of time EXCEPT this last one. There was one in December and another this month. Definitely not a good sign!!! Additionally, I hope there is no cause for the pedia to call for a tuberculine test. Ugh! PTB on top of the asthma?!?!? Nooooo!

No time to scrap today, as we were all busy finishing up the website, the tour maps and the merchandising. What a headache, the merchandising! Sheesh! You would think we would have everything in place BEFORE the Relics arrived. But nope. As usual, it was last minute and we were scrambling around to get stuff to the site for selling.

Watching Season 3 of House. This is yet another reason why I am not in a scrapping mood. Hehehe. A few episodes here and there, and that's at least a couple of hours down the drain. Very addicting series! Love it!


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