Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Science Quiz Bee

Rogan has done it again this year: he is representing his class for yet another Quiz Bee. This year it's Science. Even I was surprised! Usually, he's entered in either the Math or the Spelling Bees, but it seems he answered some average and difficult questions during eliminations which catapulted him into the top 3! :)

That's my boy in the back. Looking bored, because he obviously did NOT know ANY of the answers to the EASY questions!!! Sigh! It was looking bleak, I even texted Japa to say that his son had NOT answered anything in the easy round!

Then the average round began and he squeaked by with a couple of questions answered correctly. Yahooey!!! Score at last! Hehehe. He also answered a few questions in the difficult round....and this was the EXACT same thing that happened during eliminations, according to Teacher Tess!

But it wasn't enough to get him a top spot though. :( I told him he did well; however, if he had answered even ONE easy question, he would have been battling it out for 3rd place!!! At least he DID beat one of his really brainy classmates, which was good enough for me. AND the fact that he didn't finish last! Whew!

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