Friday, November 30, 2007

Coup, OT and Fever

Yup. Lots of things happened today. Sort of.

We basically stayed home the whole day for the above named reasons in the title.


Oookay. Another coup d'etat (sp?) in the Arroyo administration right now. Gen Lim and Senator (although he should NOT have been eligible to run while in jail!!!) Trillanes staged a farce of a rebellion and marched from the Makati Regional Court to the Manila Peninsula Hotel. Ummmm, yeah. Their idiotic escorts let them do it.

Sure, it was planned.....the Magdalo group were seen brandishing their red armbands a few minutes into the march. But I guess it wasn't planned very well since NO OTHER political group went to support them!

The rebel group was holed up in the posh hotel for about 6 hours, with the military finally ramming an APC through the front doors of the hotel to lob some tear gas. Basically just an exercise for the police and military, in my opinion. After a few minutes, the rebel group came out surrendering. End of story.

Total political, idiotic, and naive suicidal tendencies, Trillanes has. Again, he should NOT have been elected a Senator in the first place. Hmp.


Because of the coup, Dad's occupational therapy session was cancelled. Both the therapist and I reached the same conclusion separately: we didn't want Dad to end up sitting in traffic because of the coup. To get to the clinic, we would have to pass through both Camp Crame and Camp Aguinaldo which MAY get involved in the whole drama. OT again for Dad. And he didn't want to do any exercises at home either. He was glued in front of the TV watching the whole coup unfold.


My poor baby has fever!!! :( Ranger has an unusually high fever. Will have to see if it will run its course. In the meantime, he really needs some nebulization since I can hear some wheezing starting. Sigh! Another round of asthma attacks waiting to happen.


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