Monday, November 05, 2007

Back to PT

It was a bit hard to try and go to work today. So I didn't, hehehe. I slept late last night and got up early because the kids were all over the place looking for their school stuff, which had been strewn all over the room during their semester break! Grrrr! I fell back to sleep, but the continuity was broken, know what I mean?

Anyway, I spent the morning trying to back up everything I had downloaded during DSD. That and downloading what I could of Jennifer Layden's store, over at Jennilyn Designs. I had WON HER WHOLE STORE during the DSD festivities!!! How COOL and AWESOME is that?!??!?! :) Yeah!

Anyway, Eva, Dad's therapist, remarked that Dad was getting stronger and could do a lot more things now. His PT sessions usually last 2 hours. Today, he was done in about 1:40! That's some progress! The part that he hates the most is walking. He really hates to do this. I can tell by his face. But because Eva's a girl, he will keep trying to do it. In other words, nagapapkitang gilas! Hehehe.

From what I saw today, the non-PT week last week due to the holidays didn't affect Dad. He is progressing very nicely with all his exercises.

{Some Scraps}

Here are some layouts of the Talulot Festival last September 30. Yes, catching up on posting my scraps here! :)

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