Friday, November 30, 2007

Calendars are UP!!!

Today is a holiday, Andres Bonifacio Day. Andres Bonifacio, one of our national heroes took the backburner to Jose Rizal in terms of recognition as THE national hero. Why? Maybe because he wasn't of the wealthy class, he wasn't fully educated....colonial mentality of the Filipinos showing in the early years.

But the kids (and adults, in a way) know him pretty much because this day to commemorate Andres Bonifacio's birth gives them another day off from school.

And this holiday is timely in a way, especially after the attempted rebellion was quashed quite decisively yesterday. We did have a curfew from 12 midnight to 5 am, though, which raised a lot of questions as to the legality of the President or the PNP in calling for a curfew.

Whatever. All we know is that it's a holiday :)

We did go out for lunch at Cyma, a Greek restaurant in Shangri La Plaza, for Ate Becca's birthday. Good food, good company. HUGE portions, and totally delish! We had lots of appetizers and kebabs, and this humongous rack of lamb! Whoa! And for dessert? A souffle-like chocolate cake filled with gooey oozy chocolate inside, served with vanilla ice cream on the side. Oooohhh yum yum! :)

Afterwards, I braved the crowds and plunged into the Greenhills tiangge to look for some stocking stuffers and some gifts if I found any. Egad, what a CROWD! Ugh! This is exactly WHY I always go shopping first thing in the morning ALL the time!


It's the last day of November, and the kids have been reminding me (incessantly!) to put up their Advent Calendars. So we did that today.....all NINE of them, hahahahaha! Since I didn't have my materials with me, I improvised and used Rogan's and Raine's old, smaller calendars for Robyn and Bric. I printed out the letters of their names and stuck those on the calendars so that they wouldn't be left out :) Hopefully, Mom or Elizza will be bringing the felt cloth when they get home so that I can make proper calendars for the 2 babies.

Here's a photo of the calendars lined up all in a row along the hallway. Thank goodness La Vista has an extra long hallway! As it was, 7 calendars spanned our room to Lola's Room, and the 2 others had to go on the opposite side, covering the woodwork alongside the horse-glass :) So yeah, that's a LOT of calendars the elves will be visiting every night starting tonight until Christmas!


Here are some pics of our trip to Hong Kong with Tita Belen:


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