Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dad's Progress

Dad's blood sugar has stabilized a bit. Ok, a lot. He has hit 200 only twice in the few days that Dr. Villa has adjusted his humalog and lantus dosages. He has also been eating well---healthy stuff (yes, ma, no meats, or rarely any meats!) and with a good appetite. For some reason, there are some days that he wouldn't eat merienda, but then he'd compromise and have an early dinner. Very good patient in that aspect. Sometimes, hehehe.

Dad has been using his right arm more, too. He will sometimes show an inclination to try and eat by himself, with his spoon. He will almost always eat his sandwich with his hands. He now drinks by himself more often.

He has come a long way from when he had a stroke almost a month ago. He can raise his right shoulder a lot more. He is able to step with his right foot, even marching in place a little bit, according to Alex.

He is still a bit lazy when we want him to exercise and walk, though. But I think that will come in due time. He is also a lot short-tempered now, easily blowing up and frowning up a storm at any given time. But with some talking and explaining (and sometimes some bullying from me), he'd force a smile, take a deep breath and calm down. Somewhat. :)

I told him that we weren't going to eat out for the rest of the week, just to make sure that his blood sugar would cooperate. He readily agreed. I am hoping that he is feeling a lot healthier because of his controlled blood sugar now, and that he doesn't want to jeopardize that. Maybe what the doctors told him has hit home with him. I hope. Crossing my fingers!

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