Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nag, Nag, Nag

Nag--that's the best word I can find to mean makulit in Tagalog. That's what Raine has been when she realized that she wanted a Nintendo DS Lite for Christmas. Actually, she can't even *wait* for Christmas; she wants it NOW. Sigh! We told her that she had to sell her Game Boy (it was Ate's old one) and we thought that would give us a few weeks of peace and quiet. But uh...nope. In the next 2 days she had found a buyer: her Lolo Doc! Hehehehe. She is short of P2,500 for the unit, but I had told her that her Papa would cover it.

And she didn't stop reminding us every single second, practically! Aaaargh! And apparently, she also wants the newer WHITE DS Lite! Crossing my fingers that it's not that hard to find, either! I kid you not when I tell you that for at least 4 days straight, every word that came out of her mouth when she talked to me or to Papa was something along the lines of "When will you buy my DS?" or "You can get the money out of my piggy bank now and buy my DS". Hehehehe.

She has SOOOO been wanting her own DS ever since Raegan got hers. I guess it's the kids' own version of a laptop? A cool, hip laptop. Whatever makes them happy. :) Didn't know there were different colors available AND on top of that, they have different kinds of "sleeves" for the DS Lite! Sheesh! Maybe to express their own individuality?!?!? Oh well. That'll be next on her wish list, I'm VERRRY sure! They have funky covers, too, like Transformers which I think are cool :). Oh, and the DS Lite happens to have a girly bag available for it, too. Ever since Nintendo came out with the pink version, I guess they realized that a lot of girls wanted in on the cool fun too!


I'm getting my older scraps posted to prepare for the onslaught of newer pages that I've been scrapping, or trying to find time to scrap. The designers I CT for have been hit by the designing bug, hehehe!

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