Monday, November 12, 2007

Bric Gets His Own Post

Here you go, Bang and Boydee! Pics of Bric! No more fancy frames or Photoshop fixes. I just resized them for the web. I figure you'd rather see pics pronto :)

This is Bricky with his apple. He would NOT let go! He'd gnaw at it (that's the best word I can come up with, hehehe) and slobber all over the granny smith (or whatever the heck that kind is!)
Here's your boy and his new best friend:Bric has developed a closeness to this pooch ever since Elizza had Mila bring it home with us! He'd pat it (I showed him that!--said proudly, hehehe) and kiss it (open mouth of course!).

Bric has also showed a liking or Ranger's cars. Maybe it's the red? The wheels? I don't know. It's a boy thing, I guess.Here's a pic of Bric with Daddy Dic and Robyn when we "ate out" at Apitong. When Bricky saw Dic holding Robyn, he started kicking his feet and started to make his funny/ugly face as an indication that he wanted to be carried by Dic, too. With Robyn on the other side.Here's a what-the-heck kind of pic....showing Bric with his famous open-mouthed kiss, hehehe. He was attempting to kiss Robyn, who, because Bric was pulling either her shirt or her arm, reacted by pulling BACK.

I'm trying to take pics everyday, or at the very least, every other day. At least I'll be forced to update my blog AND make sure I have my digital camera battery charged at ALL times!



Anonymous said...

Kuy and Bang...posted videos of bricky boy on youtube also hehehe. Check out:


Olivia said...

Te, thanks soooo sooo much for this special post dedicated to our baby boy... and to Rod and Zhar for the utube posting. It was hilarious! :) I am so grateful for your updates and showering bric with so much attention and love especially while we're away... Love you!!!

Buge said...

Cute photos Rona! Anyway, just dropping to wish you a great week! :)

Zharmagne said...

Maybe Bric sees mommy and daddy kiss with open mouths hahahaha!