Sunday, November 04, 2007

Time Mix Up

We'd normally go to mass at either 730 am or 930 am at Della Strada, or 10 am at Padre Pio. Today, we had to play it by ear, going off of Dad's schedule. So we wait...and wait...and Marivic comes in to tell us that Dad had left. I was in the shower. Hehehe.

Typical Dad.

As it turns out, Alex had called Boydee to tell him that they were ready to go to Church. Boydee, assuming, like us, that Dad would go to Della Strada since it was already 10 am, told Alex to go ahead. And go ahead they did. To Padre Pio!

Sigh! So we ended up going to Della Strada with Boydee and Bang. Hehehe. Oh well. Better communication next week, I guess :)


Digital Scrapbooking Day is still going strong in the States. So of course I'm waiting in the sidelines trying to ogle all the good deals and shopping for them. Spent too much, of course, but I'm hoping to use everything that I got, though!

I'd post all that I got today, but ummmm....that would take a while, hehehe. Thank goodness I have money in my Paypal via my blogging! That's what makes my digi scrap shopping affordable! So...whew! :)

Gotta go and try and catalog everything I purchased. And use them of course! :)

No time to scrap today, but I will leave you with some Halloween pages (I designed these QPs, using the October Mega Kit over at Scrappin Freestyle:


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