Saturday, November 17, 2007

Robyn's Party

The doctor thankfully allowed Robyn a "day pass" from the hospital. But only for 4 attend her own birthday party. Hehehee. At least her fever had subsided and she was well enough to go home for her party. The only thing keeping her at the hospital was to finish the cycle of antibiotics given to her via an IV.

The party was a lot of fun. Elizza went all out for it. Nah, no pictures again.....for the reason why, see the post below, hehehe. But there were huge balloon formations --- trees, flowers, insects. A great cake with a huge number 1 on it, along with mini cupcakes with little frosting insects on them. Music was blaring all around, as the sounds were emanating from the mounted audio racks strategically placed all over the garage and the lawn.

There were some games, although we missed them since we waited for Dad to get up from his nap and get dressed. The kids went ahead as they were excited about the party and the party "loot", ie., prizes, they could get.

Food was plentiful: the usual pasta and fried chicken of course. Then there was pizza, soft serve ice cream, crinkles, hotdogs, hamburgers and cheeseburgers and a shawarma stand!!! Yummmm!!!!

It was also good to see some of the football crowd there, along with their kids...I cannot believe how all the kids have grown! And we've all witnessed it and have become steadfast friends, despite the fact that we don't see each other that often anymore.

And there was this funny acrobat/juggler/magician who captivated both kids and adults alike. He was hilarious! I swear, he could've been a comedian! He rode this uber miniature bike, he balanced on trays and glasses, he did lots of things! Very cool show he put on!

The kids had fun, the adults had fun. The party was a huge success! And yes, Robyn was there, smiling and having fun, too, despite her disposable diaper-clad right hand, which covered the needle for the IV. Definitely a birthday she (ok, ALL of us!) would remember!


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