Monday, November 12, 2007

Another Week

The past week and weekend (!) sure have flown by! And I feel like I haven't done anything! Hehehe. It's been sort of hectic, with shuttling back and forth between work, home, and school. For the most part, bringing Dad to and from his PT sessions have been the bulk of my week. It's not a short process at all, now that I think about it.


I have to worry about how he should be rested the morning of his PT session. I have to make sure that he eats a healthy lunch on time AND NOT take a nap right after, hehehehe. That's the hard part, because he usually wants to lie down right after eating. So far though, this past week (excepting Friday), he was pretty good about being on his schedule. I think it helps him a lot to have some sort of schedule---keeps him busy, with less time to feel sorry for himself.

Dad has been pretty sentimental lately. Maybe it's his feeling of helplessness sometimes, in doing even just the simple tasks. But he copes, and he's a strong man. I can sometimes see that he forces himself to do things like drink by himself, walk by himself, and go up the van by himself. Yes, he's pretty stubborn at times, (ok, a lot of times!), but I can see the effort he puts in. More often than not, he has a frown on his face. I tell him that instead of frowning, he should try and put it into WORDS---forcing him to talk, and talk loud (I tell him I can't hear him well, hehehe).

Today is the start of another week of PT for him. I hope that he will get even stronger this week!


Bricky-Boy has been a source of fun for all of us, especially for Dad. This little bundle of joy is always smiling, always grunting (trying to say something, I think) and always a blur of action. I think if was walking now, he would be such a whirlwind of activity!

He has this habit of making funny sounds and he's scrunch up his face and "get mad" at you if you don't say "hi" to him when you come in to the room. He NEEDS you to acknowledge his presence, hehehe. He knows Lolo Boy (of course!), light, dog, banana, Mama Rona (I *think* he was looking at me!), Lola Nene and a lot more things. He can roughly point to his Ama, Mommy and Daddy in the picture book that Bang left for him. Yes, his yaya has been pretty good about keeping that book around, Bang, so no worries! Your son will most definitely not forget you! :)

* Bang and Boydee--I will update this post (or make a new one) with some pics of the Brickster.


Ack! This one has been pretty much neglected this past week. I know the game room ---now the GYM--- has been painted. But we haven't gone to see the finished room yet. Once that's done, we need to move the exercise equipment into it. Japa wants to outfit the gym with mirrors (how vain! hehehe) and I want to add some small touches like mats and maybe fix the trophies and medals we have.

The house is shaping up, thank goodness. But we haven't had time to enjoy it since most everyone is in the States and we stay in La Vista to keep Dad company. I do have to make time to visit this week to make sure everything is in its proper place.


Some pages of Raine.


Ok, time to get up and out of bed. The breakfast and the elliptical machine are calling me. It's a monday, and it's PT time today for both Dad and me :)


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Olivia said...

Hi Ate!!! Glad you've finally updated your blog... Was constantly checking it for updates. And super duper thanks for including a "Bric" space for his updates. Oh, we miss our baby sooo much but this time away from him gives us more time to focus on our 2nd baby... We do have limited time left with this one. We really, really appreciate the updates Te!!! Keep em coming and your stories too! Miss you all!!! Hugs and kisses to the kids!