Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Strrressssful Day!!!

Aaargh! What a day! Not only did we have to bring Dad to physical therapy, we had to let Alex go...because of dang d.r.u.g.s!!! The twerp had been taking shabu and a random drug test of all the boys in the household showed his use of it. Dammit!

I know Alex cares for Dad and wouldn't put him in any danger, but obviously, we don't want to put Dad in a situation where it COULD go out of control. Our control, that is. Having someone using just wasn't safe. At all. So we had to let him go. He knew, even before Rondic and Rodney called him outside to talk to him. He knew the consequence and he looked deeply saddened by it.

The one good thing out of it is that Mom and Dad have offered to help him do rehab. Alex was such a big loss, since Dad and all of us, actually, trusted him in caring for Dad. And believe me, caring for dad is NO EASY thing!

So we go to PT without Alex, and to make matters worse, Aguila was confined in the hospital for some excruciating migraines. That left Oca, Rani and myself to take Dad to PT. Which was no big deal, actually. We just had to do some readjusting of what to do what and when.

Dad's PT went REALLY well. He did the full 2-hours; I didn't show myself when I was done, which makes him want to go home sooner. So I stayed at the reception area, out of site, until he was done. But I was seeing him do squats and walking a little bit more fluidly. Good things, for sure!


Dad's PT session went TOO well, and I know he had exerted himself to do all the exercises put to him. By the time we were home, I expected him to go straight to bed. But nope. He wanted to go to the kitchen. I reminded him that it was too late to have a snack, but that we could wait a half hour to have an early dinner. He agreed, and he took some catnaps while in his transporter.

Dinner came and Zeny was feeding him. When he was 3/4 of the way done, he started fiddling witih his apron straps and buttons. He had a glassy look on his face and he wasn't responding to ANY questions. He would try and talk but no one could understand him at all. It was all slurred.

Frantically, I thought he had another stroke. I touched Dad's arms and asked if he could feel them. Yes. I touched his legs and asked the same thing. Yes. He even lifted his legs up for me. He seemed to be ok, but he just wasn't responding to our questions. His blood pressure was 148/84 or something like that.

Then we figured that he was just exhausted. He couldn't even finish his food. He couldn't talk. So we rushed him to the bedroom, changed him and laid him down. Not even a minute and he was fast asleep. That fast. Snoring up a storm, too!

I took his BP in half hour intervals, just to monitor it. The numbers seemed to be going down, which was a huge relief. Rodney came home and Dad was up. When I checked in on him, he was smiling and laughing at what happened (although it was NO laughing matter then!!!) when Rod would tell him what happened.

Rod is Dad's lifeline, in a way. Dad was holding Rod's hand and they were just chatting. This reminded me of the time we were in the hospital in the States or here, I can't remember, and Dad was feeling very very down. It was only Rod who could make him do things like eat and sit up, etc., and only Rod who could brighten Dad's day (or night). Dad would calm down when Rod was in front of him. Why? Dunno. Special bond? Maybe. Whatever it is, I'm glad we had it today. Took our mind (and Dad's) off what COULD have been, you know?

SUCH a relief! :) Ok, off to bed after such a stressful day!


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