Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Baby is Sick Today :(

Poor Ranger! He's had a fever the whole day...probably started yesterday when he still went swimming when he wasn't feeling well and had the chills afterwards. His temperature ranged from 37.6 to 39.3 degrees. Round the clock Calpol to try and get rid of it.

He didn't go to school....but when he had taken a shower at around 1030 am, he was insisting on wearing pants because he wanted to go to school! Hehehehe. We just told him teacher wasn't there and that he should stay home. Although he has a fever, it didn't stop him from playing with his toys and watching TV. He's not as active as he really is, but at least he's still moving. And he ate a LOT at dinnertime! Yeah!

One good thing about Ranger....he loves doing his "homework". I got him this Preschool Workbook that he could work on if he got bored with everything else....and it seems that he loves to color and write! He's soooo excited about tracing lines to form letter! That's my boy! :)

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