Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Just a short commercial break from your blog read :) Had to mention some termites here and how I hate them. I'm sure Elizza does, too, after having to live out of their home for 4 years while it was being renovated and the workers spied some termites in the woodwork. Ugh! The sad part was, most of Apitong was nice, hard, Narra wood! Man oh man!

Termite infestation happened in Abada, too. I had some hardwood flooring installed in the upper rooms and the game room (to be converted into a gym) and right before the workers were going to lay down the wood slats, those dang termites showed themselves IN the wood! Thank goodness they didn't gnaw all the wood, which were stockpiled in VWL and covered in plastic. We were hoping that the queen was somewhere in the VWL warehouse and that the rest would just die. And I think they did, because after a week of treatment (I think), the workers were able to kill these pests and install the wood. There was *some* damage, but not a whole lot. We were still able to cover the 4 rooms and the landing upstairs, including the stairs, with the maple wood. So all was not lost. But man, those termites sure costs money in terms of time and effort eh?

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