Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gearing Up for Some Shopping

..over the Thanksgiving weekend, that is. Black Friday. Not sure why it's called that, but what I do know that it's one of the BEST times to go shopping for Christmas and get awesome deals all over the place!

One of my first stops will be Coupon Chief, of course. I've been a loyal customer ever since I blogged about them several months back. I've saved some money using the coupons they have online, and all to stores I would have frequented anyway! I'm up for a new laptop VERY soon, and I'm going to be hitting either the Apple store or Best Buy for my deals. Yes, I can still use my rewards zone card at Best Buy, but by going to Coupon Chief first, I get to know whatever deals, promotions and coupons they have for what I want. Definitely a very cool deal!

With a few days before Black Friday, I guess I should start bookmarking what I can....after all, there are only a few hours in a day, hehehe. I plan on hitting the online stores on midnight of Thanksgiving in the States. Yes, there are great deals to be had!

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