Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Game Plan

The kids have been waiting for this movie throughout their semester break. No idea why the movie houses didn't show it then! Sheesh!

Anyway, the girls, Japa and I went to Eastwood to finally see The Rock in Game Plan. Copying some movie summary here:
Quarterback Joe Kingman is known as one of the toughest players to ever take the field. Blessed with amazing strength and agility, he's famed for being able to handle any hit, no matter how ferocious. Kingman's Boston-based pro football team, The Rebels, is chasing their long-awaited championship and Joe has been living the ultimate bachelor fantasy: he's cool, rich, famous and the life of every party--and there are a lot of parties. But his dream is suddenly sacked for a loss when he discovers Peyton, the 8-year-old daughter he never knew existed, on his doorstep. Now, just as his career is soaring, Joe must learn to juggle his old lifestyle of parties, practices and dates with supermodels while tackling the new challenges of ballet, bedtime stories and baby dolls--all without fumbling. Joe is about to realize that the game that truly matters has nothing to do with money, endorsements or even touchdowns--it's all about the really tough stuff: patience, teamwork, selflessness and winning the heart of the one little fan who turns out to count the most.
The girls thoroughly enjoyed it, with Raine whispering to me during the movie, "Mama, I think I'm going to cry." Hehehe. I thought the movie was cute. Japa I know consented to see the movie mainly because it was The Rock and it was about football. Nothing else :)

I looooooved the fabulous luxury homes of Joe Klingman in the movie. Gleaming stainless kitchen, huge bed, leather sofas, plasma TV, the dressing rooms. And everything controlled with that nifty gadget of his, whatever it's called. Cool! :)

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