Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

It's Thanksgiving!!! At this part of the world it is. :) This is not a traditional Philippine holiday, but since we've all lived in the States, celebrating Thanksgiving has been part of our year. It's a good day to give thanks and for our family, it's always a good excuse to have turkey and all the traditional trimmings.

This is the first Thanksgiving without Tita San fussing over the turkey and her stuffing. But she wil always be a part of Thanksgiving, definitely. For me, Tita San was the one who really introduced us to this holiday. When we were in the States, she didn't have to go all out in preparing a huge Thanksgiving feast since we really didn't know anything about it. But she researched and experimented and she came out with a totally delish dinner all by herself. And she's perfected it throughout the years.

There are many things for me to be thankful for, this year. There's my family, and my extended family. There's my new sisters, and sis-to-be. Didn't forget you, Zhar! Hehehe. I know you're a faithful reader. :) Dad's improving strength, my healing back (knock on wood!), my will to exercise! The kiddos' health, their involvement in sports and their good grades, our relationships. My scrapping, my CTs, the TIME I get to have scrapping :) Every little thing, every big thing I can think of, I thank God for everything. I thank Him for ME and my life.

I am posting this early, just in case I won't have time later on today. We've got dinner and a tentative photo shoot with all the kids pre-dinner time. Cross your fingers for us!

Ok, I really NEED to try and get some shut eye for tomorrow. Lots of things to do!

Some {SCRAPS} before I go though! :) Here are some layouts of our vacation in 2001:



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