Thursday, November 29, 2007

Shopping Online

Yes, again. I have to make my purchases before Mom leaves the States on the 5th. :) So then she can bring my goodies home. Uhm.....SMALL goodies that'll fit the suitcase, Ma! Hehehe.

A few of my must-hit stores are Target for clothes for the kids and other knick knacks and other impulse purchases, Amazon for books (for some books I can't find here), and my all-time favorite go-to store, Best Buy. I've already gotten a Leapster and some cartridges for Ranger from Amazon. Being shipped as I write this. Can't wait to see his reaction when he gets them on the 7th! :) As for books, I'm on the lookout for Beowulf, especially after watching the movie. I want to know if the movie missed a lot of key parts, or if it was true to the book.

As for electronics, I'm still on the lookout for great Nintendo DS Lite bargains for Raine. This is her one thing on the wish list that she really really REALLY wants. I'm still comparing prices between just buying the unit here or ordering it online in the States where it could be cheaper even with tax included. Best Buy offers it for $130, so I'm off to the good old standby site for coupons and discounts, Coupon Chief. I need to save me some money!


Will put these out here now just in case we lose our internet connection again, like we did last night. NO idea what happened.....all I know is that it sure is hard to live without internet connection AND cable tv! Hehehehe.

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