Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Year is Winding Down...

I cannot believe November is slowly ---ok, quickly--- ending. Where in heaven's name did the month, the YEAR, go?!?!? Sheesh! I have got a TON to do for Christmas!!! Can you hear the panic in my voice now? The kids' Christmas parties are coming up very soon and I have yet to finish gift bags for the gifts they give their classmates. In fact, I know I have *some* gifts I shopped for before, but I'm pretty sure I have to go shopping soon since we decided to enroll Ranger for this semester. And the teachers! Oh my! Gotta get the teacher list from the kids! Man, what a month! And the bad part is that it's going to be even more hectic in the next few weeks!!! Aaaargh!

Hectic, full-of-stress, and bills to pay. Of COURSE I'm going shopping...and I've done some. But the shopping I do NOW will reflect in the statements in December!!! Sometimes I really do hate having to end a year because of all these! It doesn't help things either when at the end of the year, we have to pay off the term life insurance quote we got for Ranger from Tita Cora Sanchez. Dang! We should NEVER have even asked her about it! Hehehe. That's what we get for caring about our child's future, LOL! But at least the kid has insurance, so that's fine with us. I just wished we had planned it in such a way that it doesn't have to be paid in December, that's all.

November is winding down, and everything is now focused on Christmas. The Advent Calendars, the little gifts, the Christmas decoration, the big gifts. So many lists to go through and cross out! And OMGosh!!! Our gift cards!!! Ack! So much to do, so little time! :) The story of all our lives, I'm sure, during this busy holiday season.

Ok, not only do I have to do all these things, I have to think of my CT requirements too! :) So yes, I'm scrapping whenever time allows....

Some Halloween Scraps:

Still waiting for some Christmas kits from my designers then it's off to dig up some older Christmas photos :)


Dad surprised us all this morning by being ready at 930 am!!! We were expecting to go to mass at 1030 at Della Strada, but noooooo------he picks today to decide to be ready for the 10 am mass at Padre Pio! So we all jumped in the shower and took hurried showers to make it to mass. And make it in TIME we did with 5 minutes to spare!

The kids were clamoring to eat out, so I told them to ask Lolo Boy if it was ok AND if his blood sugar would allow it. Luckily, he had awesome blood sugar records for about 3 weeks now, and we were all rewarded by having lunch at Omakase, our all-time fave restaurant.

Dad was good, eating only Chicken Teriyaki-don with a couple of pieces of sushi and a few sips of miso soup. I took out the skin and he looked at me like I was crazy, but I told him it was icky stuff and that he shouldn't be eating it. Good thing he was in a pretty agreeable mood and just nodded. Crisis averted, whew! :)

Off to scrap....or make gift bags....whatever I feel like I *have* to do. :)


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