Friday, November 02, 2007

Holiday Week and October Round Up

Not only is it semester break for the kids (until the 5th), but it's been pretty much a holiday week for us at work! Holiday on Monday the 29th due to barangay elections. No work on Thursday and Friday because it is All Souls' Day and All Saints' Day. Or vice-versa. I almost always mix them up. *shrug*

Oh well. At least it's scrapping time for me and I did scrap. But I'm posting my catch up scraps first right? Hehehe.

No specific Round Up for me today for the month of October. I'm too lazy to do it right now, I'm catching up on CT requirements. However, I did some major backing up so whoohooohooo for me! After the ehd crash fiasco, I swore I'd be good about backing up all my files. I do NOT want to go through that entire hassle and stress of figuring out what was lost and what wasn't! Sheesh! Nightmare!

We did go to the Garden of Memories to be with our dead and remember them. But we didn't stay long, for what is probably the second or third time in our history! Hehehe. Dad didn't go, so we pretty much used him as an excuse to go home early. Also, Mom flew to the States, so she didn't stay long either because she still had to pack.

I also want to get some layouts done because I know that I won't be doing much the next few days because it is Digital Scrapbooking Day on the 3rd, and I intend to stay GLUED to my laptop for all the happenings going on in different sites. Not to mention the plethora of sales! My Paypal is ready!!!

As always, images are clickable to leave me a comment or to see the credits. I know, I'm a lazy bum for not putting the credits, but I like to blog fast! Too much to do! Hehehe.


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