Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bric's Visit to the Doctor

Ok, Bang, your turn! :)

I met Bric and Mila at the doctor's clinic. They had been in to see her by the time my PT was done, but Agbayani was waiting for me. Thank goodness there wasn't anyone else there! Hehehe.

Anyway, Bric was there for his chicken pox vaccine. I thought he wasn't going to be given one because he had a cold and had a little bit of cough. Agbayani did give it to him and told me that Bric was supposed to have the vaccine on the arm. But because he was so magulo, she instead told the yaya to hold him tight while she injected it on his leg. Hehehe. I could just imagine your son turning this way and that to either look at the syringe or because he couldn't stand to be so still for too long!

He was prescribed Disudrin, three times a day for his colds. He cough was dry, so Tita Doctor said to have some Ventolin ready for him to be nebulized with IF he started sounding like he had phlegm in his lungs or something. Bric had regained all the weight he lost when he had the runs a few weeks back. He is now a healthy 11.8 kilo-baby. VERRRY heavy, hehehehe!

Tita Doctor said she was so surprised that you weren't with Bric. She didn't know you guys had gone to the States and why. So we started talking about you guys (were you biting your tongue?) and of course, I *had* to start bawling no! Sigh! I was apologizing for losing it, and she said it was ok. She got depressed also daw when Mila was trying to explain about the baby. So we started talking and she did say that you were in very good hands there, that yes, there weren't a lot of facilities here for the baby and all that. Haaaaaay!

She told me that she sends you her prayers and wishes that you will be alright.

Oh, Bric was given an antihistamine. Tita Doc said that his dry cough is most likely being caused by some postnasal drip. His colds may be a cause of allergy, and hence the antihistamine. If the colds disappear and cough is dry, then it's allergens and no need for the Ventolin and nebulization.

Before I left for dinner with Lai (celebrating Rielle's 2 silver medals at ice skating!!!), Mila showed me Bric's ankles. Apparently, he was bitten by some insect. I'm thinking mosquitoes, but Mila was adamant that they didn't go out. I'm saying mosquito because I was just bitten while inside the house. Anyhoo, the bites looked nasty and didn't seem normal. No, not swollen, just a lot of little bumps on his ankles. So I told Mila to put some Elica or some such ointment on it. I will check on it in the morning and let you know.

Ok, it's close to midnight and I need to surf the boards and try and scrap! This dang Snood game is just too addicting sometimes! Hehehee.


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Olivia said...

Thanks again so, so much Te for bringing Bric for his 'tusok'. I'm counting the days til I can hug my baby again but I'm trying not to think about him too much lest he wake up nights crying. :( Wow! 11.8kg!!! hahahaha.... and yes, I can imagine him being so likot while getting his vaccination. Thanks to Tita Doc for her well wishes for us :)