Thursday, November 22, 2007

What a Feast!!!

Well! All I can say is....Thank God Elizza was here for Thanksgiving! Otherwise, I wouldn't know what food to have prepared, hehehe. She ordered the turkey with paella stuffing from Chef Laudico---this was the same guy who prepared our turkey last year. And it was sooooo delish! I kid you not! The breast part was nice and succulent and oh-so-yummy! And the gravy didn't have gross liver bits in them, thank goodness! The only thing we were missing was the cranberry and applesauce. Maybe he forgot to send those with the turkey.

Then the yams! I told Lai that we *had* to have yams to complete the meal, especially since we didn't have cranberry and applesauce trimmings. So she bought some canned yams, dumped them in a pyrex, covered that with butter, peanut butter and nutella, then topped with marshmallows. Pop in the oven and voila! Yummy yummy yummy yams!!! That was one of the first things that got DEVOURED, hehehe. Both kids and adults LOVED it!

Let's see, here's what we had for our Thanksgiving Feast:
Turkey stuffed with Paella rice
yummy yams :)
steamed fish (I know..this was SOOO not Thanksgiving-y)
French Onion Soup
Filet Mignon
chocolate cake

I didn't even touch the filet mignon at all, as I was busy stuffing myself with the turkey! hehehe.

The kids had a blast since Lolo Doc brought them some sparkling cider, and Lai got them some sparkling grape juice and strawberry juice, too. So yeah, their meal was complete! Even Ranger was trying some soup! :)

We didn't get dressed this year....we just wanted to eat, eat and EAT!

Some Thanksgiving quiz fun:

Your Pilgrim Name Is

Desire Cushman

and LOL on this one:

You Are The Turkey

The center of attention, the meaning of it all.
Too bad you put people to sleep!

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