Saturday, December 01, 2007

Another Swimming Competition

The kids had the last (I think) swim meet of the year. They were up, bright and early, raring to go do their warm ups before the actual races. They were up against the Celebrity Sports Harpoons, who were used to swimming in a 50-meter pool, instead of the 25-meter one in Ayala Heights.

And they did well. Very well.


She didn't have any other girls in her age what did Coach do? He told her she was going to swim against BOYS. Hehehehe. Needless to say, she freaked out. Her eyes got really big and she started talking a mile a minute----a clear indication that she was freaking out. Hahahaha. I simply told her that she would get stronger because of it...and that if she beat the boys she would receive an extra special prize. I told her that when I was younger I had SO wanted to race against the boys just to see if I could beat them :)

And she swam her heart out. The first event was the 100m IM. She smoked 'em! She beat Rogan (who for some reason was also in that age group, hehehe) AND these 2 other humongo boys! About a few body lengths was the distance between her, then Rogan, then a couple more body lengths. It was so COOL to see this (not so little) girl of mine swimming waaaaay faster than the boys!

For other events:

50m free - 3rd
50m breast - 1st
50m fly - 1st (tied)
relays - 2nd, 1st, 2nd


Ahhh....Rogan, hehehe. He also did well, finally beating his Ate in head to head competition in the 50m freestyle. The best was seeing him do the butterfly. Japa was laughing and shaking his head, describing Rogan as doing the "fly paper" stroke. His arms were by his side, especially on the latter part of the 50m swim.

Not counting the freestyle, Rogan (who swam in the same events as Raegan) came in either 3rd or 4th.


Here's our champion swimmer. She was a bit scared to compete against this girl, Mary Rose, from the other team. She remembered all too well the last meet where Mary Rose beat her in a couple of events. We told her that she should just try and do her best (and win! hehehe) and she may surprise herself and Mary Rose with her performance.

And perform she did! She RULED that pool in ALL her events! Whoohoohoo!

And poor Mary Rose's father. Not Mary Rose, but her father. The poor man was beside himself from anger, disappointment, incredulity that his little girl was being handily beaten by Raine. Of course, Raine was also twice Mary Rose's size, so that definitely helped. But what I didn't like to see was his attitude towards his daughter. He would refuse her pleas to go play with the other kids saying that she had already lost (the first event) and did she want to lose some more? Sheesh! And more along those lines.

Well, whatever. I was kinda pissed at him because of that (poor Mary Rose!) so whenever he'd yell "Go, Mary Rose!" I'd respond with "Go, Raine!" Hehehehe. And of course, I've got this overpowering voice, which pretty much drowned out his :)

But I swear, Raine still has a lot to learn about pacing and racing. After the first couple of events where she KNEW that she was stronger, she wasn't even going all out anymore! She'd get out of the pool NOT tired at all, and smiling, hehehe. The best part was while swimming: We could totally tell that she wasn't going at full speed. We say her head swivel towards Mary Rose's lane, Raine saw her inching closer....and just like that, Raine put on a burst of speed...and the race was done. Hahahahaha! How's that for confidence?!?!?


A funny thing for the Advent Calendar. Both Rogan and Rielle wrote short letters to Santa and his elves and stuck them in the pocket for December 2. They of course knew that the elves were going to visit and they figured they'd get their wish lists in early with the big guy.

Rogan's letter asked Santa to list down his 8 reindeer, not counting Rudolph. Like he KNEW there were only 8 or something and was trying to catch Santa and the elves in a lie???? Hmmmmm...... Also, he asked for names for 7 or 8 elves and we saw Santa---or Leroy, the Master Elf---list down such names as Jingle Bells, Jangle Bells, and Pepper Minstix. That's all I remember. I have to get that list from him for future scrapbooking.

Rielle's letter was also very specific. She told Santa she knew that he loved her and could he get her the following (list below) AND put an explanation as to WHY he thought he should have that particular item:

1. an iMac (laptop) - Santa said that she was too young to have such a "toy" and that she should wait until she was a little bit older.

2. a pink Nintendo DS Lite - Santa told her that she still had one and that one electronic toy was enough for now.

3. high-heeled shoes - Santa asked her if she wanted to break an ankle

4. sexy clothes - Santa asked her if she wanted to be Naughty or Nice.

Hehehe. Kids! You gotta marvel at their directness eh?


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