Thursday, November 15, 2007

Photo Shoot

Well, I finally became semi-organized and arranged a photo shoot with the kids. I set it out by the lanai, with the morning sun shining from behind. A couple of king size sheets went on the windows to serve as a backdrop and the "floor". A had the ottoman from Randy and Stella's room brought down for the kids to use --- this was the greatest idea I ever had, hehehe. Ranger was a natural with that ottoman, allowing the other kids to seat themselves wherever in relation to him.

Luckily, the older kids didn't have classes yesterday, as a rest day from their field trip Tuesday. They went to the Mall of Asia where there was a new Science Discovery museum. They had fun and had a blast.

Anyway, yes, I took a LOT of pics, however, as of this writing, they are still in my camera, in my compact flash card. So, no pics for the shoot! Maybe in the next few days, when my schedule isn't so out of whack any longer.

Hang on, I have these, since i want to scrap with them. But the rest will have to wait since I have less than 1 gig on my poor laptop! I was on a downloading frenzy again during DSD, hehehe.

I think these came out pretty good, huh? I did some auto level adjusting in Photoshop for the last pic, and some defogging, and that was it! Natural light did soooo much for the pics! And yes, that ottoman will be featured more prominently in Ranger's pics from the photo shoot, hehehe.

Bang, I took some pics of the Brickster, but like I said, I don't have space on my laptop to download any more pics. I'll post some when I get around to downloading, I promise! :)

Ok, next step is getting my pics onto my calendar pages so I can have them printed out. THAT'S not going to be easy for sure, what with EVERYTHING I have to get ready for Christmas! Aaaargh!!!



Elizza said...

GREAT pictures!!! BUT where's HALF of the GANG?!?!?! *Wink*

Olivia said...

Cute pictures Te!!! :) of course, can't wait for bric's pics to be posted too :) hehehe... i check your blogs everyday for updates. hehehe