Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Flandes and Saniel

Dad's Doctor Day today.

We went to see Dra Flandes, kidney specialist. She asked that the latest urine test be sent to her, as well as what anti biotic she prescribed Dad at the hospital. She explained that Dad's urine had a lot of traces of infections in it, which is why she wants to prescribe an antibiotic, pending the latest results.

The long and short of it is that Dad's kidneys are only 44% functioning. If that isn't scary, I don't know what else is. Flandes looked Dad in the eye and pretty much said that he needs to shape up and eat well. No meats, only some not-so-scaly-fish allowed. No fruits allowed either. And yes, even eating out is discouraged, since we have no control over the food and its preparation.

Flandes reduced Dad's iron intake and some other medicine that I completely forgot. Sorry, Mom! :)

At Dr Saniel's wonderful room-with-a-view, Dad weighed in at a mere 162 pounds. The doctor greeted Dad and remarked how great he looked, that the PT and some forced rest was good for him. Neurologically speaking, Dad was slowly overcoming what the stroke dealt him. In short, keep up the good work! :) We see him in a month's time.

And that was the whole morning, hehehe.

I told Dad I had a date with my husband, but that he couldn't come because we hadn't seen his diabetes doctor yet. I didn't want him ingesting any food that would spike his blood sugar unnecessarily.

After lunch at Xin Tian Di, I went home and napped. I was pooped! :)


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