Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bric's Corner

Ok, I know Bang has been stalking my blog the past few days, impatient about news of her little one. So sorry I wasn't able to update since it's been REALLY busy here. At least for me. Hehehe. So many roles to play! :)

Ok, let's see.....relax, grab some popcorn popped from home theater popcorn machines, and on:

FIRST SHOWER. Yup. I finally got Bric in the shower long enough to give him one. It was actually last night, when we came home from Robyn's party. But because we were all so tired, no one thought to take pics. And both Mila and I were concentrating on keeping Bric busy enough so that he wouldn't be scared of the shower spray.

I think having Ranger in the shower with us definitely helped. Bric was distracted by both the shower spray and Ranger, and he was SO sweaty, he probably welcomed the cool splash of water! He was a bit hesitant first, but he saw that Kuya Ranger was enjoying the water, he slowly began to let his guard down. Soon, he was reaching out to touch the water with his hands. Hehehe. You could tell he was very careful while he oh-so-slowly reached out. When he touched water, he looked at me as if to say, "is this okay?" Hehehehe.

I soaped him, and finally put shampoo on him (actually, it was Ranger's baby soap, since Mila forgot to bring up his shampoo). To rinse, he stopped moving when he felt the water running down his head. Hehehe. As in, he didn't move. For a few seconds. This is Bric after all---he can't stay still very long! When the water ran down his face, he was of course shocked, but between Mila and I, we kept up an endless stream of "conversation" and sounds so that he wouldn't even think of it. Then we were done! No crying, no tears, nothing! :)

This morning, we took a shower again. This time he remembered the bathroom and was squirming a bit when I took him inside. He was trying to climb up and away from the spray, using his finger-toed feet (hehehe) to scrabble up, using my fat as steps. Disgusting picture, I know, but that's exactly what it was! Hahahaha!

It took a little bit for him to calm down again. This was when we figured that having Ranger in the shower with helped a lot. But he allowed me to soap and shampoo him and he was unafraid to touch the water spray this time. He would play with it, looking at how the water would run down and through his open fingers. Observing everything, this little one.

He freaked out when I rinsed the shampoo from his head though. There was no Ranger to distract him, and I think he already knew what the effect was going to be, hehehe. He started wriggling and making his ugly/funny face and was about to cry when I pulled him out from under the water. Then he opened his eyes really wide as if to say "what happened?!?" Hehehe. Then we were done! He was fine and I'm hoping he's gotten used to the shower already. Just waiting for you, Boyds! hehehehe.

WALKER. Not his own walker, but Bric was getting the hang of using Dad's walker. Since he walks really really fast (almost a run, honestly!), I had to hold the walker on top to keep him from falling flat on his face because of his excitement and speed. Bric was able to walk around Dad's room, turn, go to the bathroom, into Mom's dressing room, to the mirror and back to the room. Without falling down or faltering! He is a determined little boy, and it seems he wants to walk soon. :) I think it'll be a bit,. though, as he is still on his tippy toes most of the time.

APPETITE. Holy Moly, this child of yours can eat, eat and EAT! He's had his meal, but every single time he sees us at the table, he up and shouts, demanding to eat as well! Doesn't matter what it is, but he wants at least a few bites of whatever we're eating. Don't worry, he gets mostly rice or fish, Bang, hehehe. Ok fine. Sometimes some meat :) According to Mila, he eats his full meal, more often than not finishing with a whole banana! He's a growing boy, I guess, and wants to eat whatever he sees. A good thing though: he does stop and will refuse to take another bite if he has had his fill. So I don't think you have to worry about Bric eating to bursting point :)

LOLO BOY. Bric does love his Lolo Boy, and it shows every time he looks at his namesake. Honestly! There was a time that Dad was having a coughing fit while taking his meds. What did Bricky Boy do (he was in his stroller)? He simply put his hand on Lolo Boy's forearm and looked at him as if to say, "slowly, Lolo Boy. It's ok, I'm here." Sweetness, really. As in his face would be totally concentrated on Lolo Boy!

Bric would get all excited at his first glimpse of Lolo, practically running in place, with his feet going back and forth. And he jumps all the time, too! The best part of the day I think is when Bric is in his crib and Lolo Boy in his transporter, right next to the crib. The two would utter their different sounds of conversation, and Bric would keep jumping. The poor mattress, hehehe. And Bric loves to show off in front of Lolo Boy. He would try and cross his crib walking, with his arms outstretched to catch himself on the other side. Really funny, the way he'd do it, too! I wish I had a video, but alas, my phone/camera were in the other room :)

Ok, this should be it for now.


ARRR! I absolutely LOVE this layout of Raegan! She looks great as a pirate, complete with the pose and the hook. Oh, and she even said Arrr! with feeling, while trying to smile! Hehehe. This is going to be one of my all-time fave Halloween layouts for sure!



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Olivia said...

i can't believe i missed this post!!! i just read this NOW!!! many days after you posted this Te. Reading about lolo boy and bric and their special relationship truly warms our hearts. I'm glad lolo boy has a 'playmate' to keep him smiling... sigh... few more days and we can finally give bric a shower, hahaha...