Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

What a hectic past few days! Yes, trying to get ready for Halloween, including finding some costumes. I *was* going to be the Queen of Hearts of Maleficent (that evil queen in Sleeping Beauty), but I knew we were going to be going trick or treating with the kids and there was NO way I was going to subject myself to being in a sauna-like costume in this weather! Ugh!

So, I came up with this:
That's totally homemade, too, sans the wig and hat, which came from Disney, of course. Check out the yellow parts to my costume: totally PAPER!!! And that sheriff star? From one of Nina Scraps Designs' kit, All-Stars. I printed it out, and Japa stuck his el cheapo silver sheriff star on it to make it look "authentic". Hehehehe. Ingenuity at it's best, eh?

Because I was Jesse, I told Japa to be Woody:Aren't we a pair? Hahahaha!

The kids wore their Literacy Night costumes of course, since Mama didn't want to spend any more money than was necessary.A layout I did with a W&W collab with Chere Edwards:Layout is clickable for credits :)

We did something new this Halloween. Japa made up a treasure hunt for the kids, which had them running all over the house looking for clues. The end was a huge "X" marks the spot, right above their loot bags, their final prize and "treasure".
Watch out for more Halloween pages from me.....when I get around to doing them AND posting them on this ole blog!



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