Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Video, Malaysia, Chocolate Heaven

Here's Jason Magbanua's awesome, dramatic on-site video shown during the reception:

Mr. and Mrs. Boy Dizon's 40th Anniversary from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

Now tell me if that isn't full of drama! Can't wait to see the entire video now. I wonder how long that's going to take.....


Japa was off to Penang, Malaysia this morning for the Dragon Boat World Championships. His team, Drago Pilipinas, is entered in the Men's Division 200m and 500m races, as well as in the Mixed 200m and 500m races. Modesty aside, I just *know* they won't ever ever find as good a team as OUR mixed team in 1997 when we got the GOLD at the Worlds in Hong Kong :) Hehehehe. I do with their teams the's going to be tough this year I'm sure, as the International Dragon Boat Federation has apparently gotten all technical and detail-oriented, right down to mandating the use of life vests (ugh!!) and the stipulation of the use of SAME oars for the entire boat! Plus, teams are now required to bring their own paddles, as opposed to the IDBF providing paddles for the teams' use! I mean really! How ridiculous and an unnecessary expense for the teams involved! Sheesh! Oh well, whatever!

It's the same old story for the team though....traveling at the least expense possible. Which translates to a crappy schedule: the team leaves Manila at 630 am for a 2 hour ride to Clark where they were able to get cheap airfare to Kuala Lumpur. From there, they have a SIX hour layover before boarding a flight to Penang. Finally, after at least 12 hours after they first boarded a plane in Manila, they land at their destination. And their hotel of choice? The YMCA. Ok. And I was thinking of going with them to support them. Yeah. Not at the Y, though!!!

Sending them happy and good luck thoughts from here though! :)


So today, on Japa's first day out, I run free.....sort of. Randy and Stella call to invite us for a taste-test at Portico's at Serendra for Tyler's baptismal party. The Brotherhood and Sisterhood (sans Bang, Boydee and Japa) met up with Steff and Jovic to taste and rate some really good food at Portico's. I guess it helped that we were hungry, hehehe (aren't we, all the time!) and we had a great time as we went through most of the food. But most of the food WAS yummy and I wouldn't mind going back there to have a real meal! Not the cheapest place by any means, but then again, good food will always set you back eh? But still. I like them not-so-expensive and good.

Anyhoo, we were trying to convince Randy and Stella that they didn't need to spend so much on the baptismal party for Tyler. It was going to be just family anyway, and we were just going Hehehehe. And if it was going to be mainly pizza and pasta fare, we could always get that cheaper elsewhere. See? We're practical! And we're helping the new parents be that way as well! :) We finally were able to convince them to look elsewhere (P950 per person for a buffet was just waaaaay too much!!!) Whew!

After dinner, we strolled over to Xocolat where, OMG!!! they served up THE best hot chocolate ever!!! It was dark, thick and just PERFECT!!! Yummm!!! I am still licking my lips as I think about how delish it was! And heck YES, I got the large cup! To think there's a Xocolat right next to where we live and we haven't been there at all! Gotta correct that at ONCE!!! Paired with their oh-so-sweet authentic carrot cake, I was in chocolate heaven for sure! A perfect end to a great night! :)

I did feel sort of guilty when I got home because all the kids were asleep in my room. Sort of. It's always fun to go out with the Brotherhood and the Sisterhood and just talk and have fun and to just be out. Even if Japa's not there, hehehe.

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Congrats to your parents Rona! Hope your hubby's team wins too. I've got an award for you here,