Friday, July 04, 2008

Food Tasting

Mom, Lola, Bang, Lai and I went to Makati Shang to attend the food tasting for the anniversary. When we entered the function room, there were 2 tables set up. The farther one was the actual setting that was to be used the night of the 27th: it had this beautiful, elegant, HUGE floral centerpiece on it. Filled with roses and other red flowers and a few stargazers at the very top, the floral arrangement almost reached the lights and sat atop a clear, fluted vase with dangling crystals in transparent and red colors interspersed with twigs. Very, very classy! No, no pic. Bang had that camera that time and she hasn't uploaded it on her blog yet :)

The other table was set up for the actual food tasting. We were choosing between 2 different menus, and oh-my-goodness, there was just soooooo much food!!! Man oh man oh man! There were 2 of EVERYTHING so that everyone could eat. Then after each course, we rated everything from presentation to temperature to taste.

Most of the food was very good. Of course, not that we expected anything less from Shangri-La, hehehe! And for the prices that we were being charged, heck yes, we expected the best! :) So let's see if I can remember what we had:

Salad: We had one salad with some cuts of cold salmon and mayo or some sauce. Very delish.

Soup: There were 2 different soups to choose from. One was this gross looking consomme that looked like the chef just dumped itsy bitsy dumplings and some vegetables in them and had it served. The other was a yummy potato leek creamy soup and had a sliver of bread with pesto served on top of the bowl with a curl of parma ham on top of it. Guess what we picked? :)

Appetizer: Seabass with some crusty black thing on top served atop mushroom risotto. I forgot the other one. We had sherbet served in between this course and the main to "cleanse our palates". And we had a major discussion as to what flavor sherbet we wanted served. A major discussion over sherbet. Sheesh! Hhahaahaa! We were, of course, getting full at this point, hence the sheer silliness of some of our reasons for *not* wanting a particular sherbet flavor!

Main Course: There was steak served with potato gratin (yum yum yummy!). And chicken breast served with green rice. Verrrrry niiice. Both huge servings. Both pretty good, but the steak was grossly pink. Ugh. The chicken was cooked perfectly and was succulent. And yes, sorry boys, the breast won :) Besides, it had rice, and there was no question that a majority of the guests would have preferred that over the steak (which most would have sent back to the kitchen to have cooked AND waited another 10-15 minutes for their main course to sent back).

Dessert: Some gross white cake. The flourless chocolate cake was super duper scrumptious but was to large a service and such a waste at an additional P180 to the already too-much cost per person! Besides, the delish wedding cake by Michelle Hechanova promises to be a treat! Michelle--if you're reading this, I'm really really REALLY going to expect a chocolate tier instead of the cheesecake!!!! Hehehehe. Both Bang and I. Hehehe. I'm going to be needing my chocolate fix by the end of the night I'm sure!

Ranger had his initial assessment in school today. The boy is a laaaaazy writer. He hates to write! He will use any excuse to take him away from having to write anything on paper! Ack! And to make matters worse, he's already memorized how to write his nickname and how to write it in all caps. But the school suddenly is requiring him to write his first name and in both capital and small letters! Hehehe. The poor child must be confused. Oh well. It is an initial assessment anyway, just so his teachers will be able to know what he needs to be taught this coming semester.

Some scraps coming up!
And before I go, a very very happy birthday to Regie, my SIL....and not to forget, happy 4th of July to all Americans out there!

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