Friday, July 18, 2008

Anniversary Stuff: The Missalette

Doing anniversary stuff the whole day. More specifically, the Missalette. Man oh man, who would have thought this was such a task! I mean, I had the readings picked out, and the Gospel, but laying everything out and incorporating the entire reaffirmation of vows ceremony is enough to confuse anyone!!! Ack! Can you hear the panic in my voice now?!?!

And as of now, a week (!!!) before the big day, I have NO design for the cover!!! I think I'm going to go with the SIMPLE, minimalist look. Hehehehe. I think one of the Sisterhood suggested that, I can't remember. I'm grasping at whatever is thrown my way here!

I *tried* to finish the entire thing today, but being at the office, there was just way too many distractions, and NOTHING was finished! To top it off, I found out I had to change the Gospel; in order for the wedding mass to be considered a Sunday mass, I had to put in the Gospel for next Sunday in the missalette! Waaaaah!!!

And Prayers of the Faithful? Who said thinking of and writing down what to pray for was easy??? Sheesh! I was totally wracking my brain the whole day! Fried brains, that's what I have!

Late afternoon, I met up with Lai and Bang at Riverbanks to look for dancing shoes. After laughing at several "cheapy-cheapy DI" type of shoes, we finally found one for me and one for Bang. I really really REALLY wanted the red pair of pumps but my choice was shot down by the Sisterhood as impractical.....they said the silver pair (open toes, yuck!) was better since I would be using it for Zhar and Rod's wedding next month. More mileage for my money. True, but I was feeling SEXY in those red dancing shoes, man! Hehehehe. Oh well. The great part was that the heels weren't all that high. I was shooting for 1 1/2 inch heels, but settled for 2 inch ones...passable, I think, and I'm hoping my back would survive the 2-inch journey in those heels! :)

To make matters worse, because I've been sitting on my arse for hours on end for several days (weeks, more like it!), my back has started to hurt. As in REALLY hurt. I'm crossing my fingers it's only the muscles that are cramping up and not an impinged nerve......hope with me here....

Am pooped. Can't even bring myself to scrap for relaxation :(


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