Monday, July 21, 2008

Celebrating with 2-A

I was Mz Last Minute Mama again today, hehehe. I realized when I woke up that:
1-we had no cake for Raine
2-we had no giveaways soon as National Bookstore opened at 930 am, we were pretty much out of the house. I played the injured wifey and made Japa come with me. Told him it was his daughter's party and he had to come especially today since I just couldn't do everything, with my back and all. So, he dropped me off at National while he went on a search for Raine's cake. I actually wanted 30 pieces of cupcakes so that each child could have his or her own dessert and we would put 8 candles on Raine's cupcake....but the only ones available were MINI cupcakes, and those definitely wouldn't do! After several phone calls --- don't know why men can't decide these things on their own! --- Japa finally got a chocolate cake with Happy Birthday, Raine on it.

As for me, I wandered the aisles of National bookstore looking high and low for something educational that could serve as a giveaway, without breaking the bank. And I came up with Search-A-Word books for the kids! At P59 each, they were perfect, hehehehe! So I hurriedly paid for them and rushed out. On the way home, I called the maids to tell them to prepare the wrapping paper and tape so everything would be ready when I got home.

So one nanny and I started wrapping the books (the other one picked up Ranger from school). I asked Japa to print out to make (gasp!!!) and print out thank you cards for the giveaways. And he looked at me like, "hello---do you even know what you're asking me to do???" Hehehhe. Typical guy reaction, yes? I answered open Word and look for Labels. Follow the instructions and you should be fine. LOL.

But he did good....he even picked out a non-traditional font, i.e., something that wasn't the default font of Word, hehehe, and used that. After a trial or two, he was finally satisfied with the font and size. And he printed them out. I was in the midst of wrapping (mind you, we had to wrap a total of 26 books in about 40 minutes' time!) and he handed the papers to me. I looked at them and said, uhm.....I need them cut up! Sigh!

That wasn't the hilarious part though. As Japa was cutting, he was getting pissed. Apparently, for the life of him, he couldn't cut in a straight line. He even asked if he could just wrap while I did the cutting. To which I replied, "Of course NOT! This is NOT in a box, and is definitely NOT easy to wrap! THIS is much harder than cutting paper!" O.M.G. Hehehehe. I'm laughing now, but pressured for time, it was just plain annoying! MEN!

The other nanny arrived and Japa handed one paper to her while he worked on his ONE sheet of paper. After everything had been wrapped and tagged, I found out that he had cut a total of 6 maybe 8 thank you tags. And that was it. *roll eyes here* Sigh!

He did redeem himself though.....he was the official photographer as we brought Class 2-A lunch of spaghetti and pizza and cake. Raine's classmates were ecstatic over their own little pizza. Comments of "I just LOVE pizza" and "this is the BEST and most awesome class party ever" rang out across the room. Hehehehe. They really REALLY enjoyed their food!

Here's a photo of the kids ripping into their giveaway wrappers. Teacher Tess was a smart cookie: she made them do it properly just so she could have additional scratch papers for her class AND she tied in the giveaways to her spelling class, lol!

Raine's cake:
and her birthday loot from her class:

And this picture has a story:

Those kids peering through the door are Rogan's classmates from down the hall. They had heard that it was Raine's birthday and were hoping to get some food! hehehehe. I didn't have enough for another class, but I did have Rogan give his close friends a couple of pizzas and juice :)

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