Thursday, July 03, 2008

Shoe Search

I tried to look for shoes this morning at the mall. No luck. I tried to be patient and organized, going through each and every aisle in the shoe department just so I wouldn't miss anything. I was on the lookout for silvery shoes for the wedding...something that looked dressy but with semi high heels and something that I could use to do the dances in.

Sigh. No such luck. I didn't like those horrendously strappy stiletto type things. What, do they want me to break an ankle or two?!?! Sheesh! And 99% of everything I saw were open-toed shoes! Man! I hate showing my toes! I'd rather have pumps thank you very much, especially when we're talking about having to dance. I mean, really, imagine doing a lot of movement on stage only to have a shoe fly off in the middle of the performance. Can you see people's eyes follow that shoe and then look for the shoe's owner??? Hehehe, what a sight!

So the shoe search continued inside the mall, where one can only wish that it were organized like department store. As it were, I wish I had a gps fleet tracking device just so I could find all the shoe stores spread out all over the place! And of course I *HAD* to wear heels to work today of all days!!! Crocs would have been so much easier and I would have lasted longer traipsing inside the mall in search of shoes. Not wanting to hurt my back, I merely passed the shoe stores on my way to the office.

No such luck. Nothing but grossly HIGH-heeled shoes. I'm talking about 3-inch heels here, and there is NO WAY I'd torture my feet and my back with those kinds of shoes....not for close to 8 hours!!!! How'd I get that? Let's see:
0:30 - time right before the wedding, taking pics, etc
0:30 - time right before the wedding starts, standing in the entourage line
2:00 - wedding time, including picture taking time at the end
5:00 - reception time, more or less, including the performance, this is time spent running around making sure everything is going according to plan, otherwise dear mother would have our heads!
So yes, that's at the very least 8 hours! Hmmm....those new high heeled crocs that came out are sounding better and better! :)

I scrapped an anniv layout today, too, as well as using a CT kit I had to use by today:

Japa's sick today, too. Mr Ampao himself. Strong on the outside, soft and mushy and vulnerable on the inside. Sigh. I think he was out in the rain earlier this week for rowing and this is the result! Major colds, coughs, fever. The flu in short. I really have to remind myself to schedule a flu shot for him when he gets over this bout of flu. He sure needs it!

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