Sunday, July 06, 2008

11 Years

Happy Anniversary to us :)

(still have to download our pic for the day, hehehe)

11 Years! Hard to believe we've been married that long! And no, it's not all marital bliss either. If it were, it would be improbable wouldn't it? Ours is a normal marriage with our ups and downs; mostly ups, I'd like to think, though. And with volatile personalities such as ours (yes, OURS, not just MINE, people!!!), it's a wonder we've survived 11 years! :)

First point in fact: we're both Roosters. If the Chinese calendar is to be followed, we are both rulers of our own roosts, our own homes. I guess it IS possible to have 2 rulers in one place? :) A lot of give and take, admittedly, but it can be done. And fine, it's slightly possible that Japa's been doing more giving and me more taking, but like I said, there is compromise involved eh?

Second point in fact: I'm a Leo. Someone used to being the boss, the center of attention. Definitely a dominant presence *wink wink*. Kinda. Hehehe. At times. But you've got to admit, someone who's also warm hearted (ahem!) and loving, especially to those who are loyal to them. See? I'm not all bad, really. And yes, I roar uber loud, but rarely do I bite. However, people know that when I *do* bite, I really chomp off a huge bit. So bringing the whole point to the subject at hand, it does sound like I'm hard to live with huh? Hmmm......let me think of something nice to add....hehehe.

Third point in fact: Japa is a Taurus. The BULL. Need I say any more?!?! The bull: stubborn, un-budge-able (is that even a word? hehehe. I probably made it up, hahahaha!). This IS where the term bull-headed came from you know. And yes, sounds like a Taurus would be difficult to live with, too right? But --- and I'm looking this up via Amazon books since I don't know all that much about this sign --- they're also practical and reliable, have a great work ethic, are romantic and naturally hunky, hehehe. I had to put that in there....describes Japa, don't you think?

So how in heavens name do a Lion and a Bull (both born in the year of the Rooster) survive 11 years?!??! Only God knows. And there's the answer right there. God. I don't know, no one knows. On paper, we sound like such a volatile couple, ready to go off at any second, without any warning at all. And at different times, we've done that...ok, mostly *I've* done that....Japa's probably a lot more controlled, hmp!.....but somehow we've survived all these "faulty" characteristics" of ours and have been happy.

While doing the pages for the guest book of Mom and Dad, I was struck most by this poem:

I once thought marriage took
Just two to make a go.
But now I am convinced
It takes the Lord also.
And not one marriage fails
Where Christ is asked to enter.
As lovers come together
With Jesus at the center.

But marriage seldom thrives,
And homes are incomplete
Till He is welcomes there
To help avoid defeat.

In homes where God is first
It’s obvious to see
Those unions really work,
For marriage still takes three.

--- Perry Tanksley

Sure, ours isn't a perfect marriage. I don't want a perfect marriage---too boring, and lacking for adventure, I think. But one where the couple is involved, one where we can take what is thrown at us in stride, one where we can go through life TOGETHER, THAT is marriage.

And the best part? We have 4 beautiful, wonderful kids to show for all of it. And that, in itself, is worth everything else.

Happy Anniversary, Papa!


Elizza said...

Happy Anniversary! :D

Maviosa said...

Belated Happy Anniversary! More happy, stimulating and loving years together! :)

Jessica said...

Happy Anniversary! May you have many, many more wonderful years together!

whatkatiedid said...

Oh what a lovely post! Happy Anniversary to you and your Bull!

I tagged you on my blog btw!

fun fliffy said...

happy annivesary ~weaving high~ have fun scrapping !!