Thursday, July 10, 2008

Keeping those Pounds Off!

Yesirree, I am! Whoohooohooo! Yay me! Since 3 months ago when I declared I was sub-200 (hehehe) I've lost another 8 pounds....putting me at an even 190. Still a "shhhhh!" kind of weight, but hey, I can't exactly HIDE that I'm heavy, now can I?!? Of course, no one can probably guess my weight---either they really can't guess it or they're too SCARED to tell me to my face their guess, hahahahahaha!

But I am doing a happy dance here because I *AM* keeping the weight off! Yes, the dancing the past few weeks has definitely helped, but my best friend nowadays has been my diet pills, hehehe. Even before I went back to my doctor a couple weeks back, I had been keeping my weight pretty consistent. She just validated the fact that I've lost an inch here and there and my body has taken on some shape *wink wink!* So yeah, I'm definitely a happy camper!

And with the wedding a mere few weeks away, I'm okay with where I'm at, more or less. Less would be good of course, but I'm not exactly complaining. I get to eat, I get to exercise (by force because all of us *have* to!), and I still get to lose weight AND inches! Can't beat that for sure! Thank goodness my health has been pretty good (knock on wood!!!) and that it allows me to take diet pills (with my doctor's orders of course) safely. But I do need to go get my thyroid hormones checked just to make sure. Writing that down here so I won't forget in all my euphoria about keeping those extra poundage off so far!

Long term goal? About 20-30 more pounds to go. Short term goal, meaning, to the anniversary and up to Rod and Zhar's wedding.....ummm....maybe 10 pounds? Hehehe. Maybe. Five would be good, 10 would be oh-so-sweet!

I guess I should get on the Wii Fit on a more regular basis. I mean, I *did* line up for the dang thing and people all over have been dying to find a Board, and here I am letting my Board waste away. Bad bad bad me! I really should do a better job on that! After all, I *did* get that Wii Fit Board for ME!

Still no scraps today, egad! And I've got a TON of layouts to catch up on, too! Ack!

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