Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy 8th Birthday, Raine!!!

Raine is 8 today! How time has flown! My baby is now a big girl, literally! Hehehehe. She is the child who can eat the most, the most active, the most athletic, the friendliest. She is our family's ambassador, hehehe. She loves to go to parties (mainly for the food, I suspect!) and loves to interact with different sorts of people.

Raine's hair in the pic is nicely fixed and glittery-colored from last night's spa party at her cousin's. She figured it was her birthday the following day anyway, so she just showered without shampooing her hair just to look nice on HER day, hehehehe. Total kikay, this girl!

We started the day going to mass at 8 am. We had the assistant Parish Priest (who had said mass this morning) give Raine a birthday blessing. Then it was on to Pancake House for breakfast. Raine actually wanted to go to 7 Corners but I resisted, saying that my back really could not handle it.

I woke up this morning with sharp pain in my lower back. I knew from last night that it was an impinged nerve; it was just too painful to be a muscle ache. Every move I made made me want to scream from frustration and pain. Even just to touch the area made me writhe in pain, it was that tender. But not wanting to ruin the birthday of my daughter, we still went out to breakfast...and the kids ate soooooo much! Oh my goodness! Our table was just totally laden with food!

Japa had fish and rice, with a side order of bacon. I think he ordered some soup as well. Raegan had tapa and rice, and shared a 3-pc chocolate pancake order with her Papa. Rogan had a 3-pc pan chicken with rice, as did Raine. The kids had a chocolate shake each. Me? I had 3-pc banana walnut pancakes, my usual order. And man-oh-man! The kids just DUG in to their food and practically inhaled everything!!! Yowzers! Talk about feeding growing kids!

After our huge breakfast, we went home and vegged out. Hehehe. Well, *I* went back to bed and sprawled out, stretching my back. The kids played various forms of video games, did some homework and their Kumon. I told them it was going to be an uber busy week this week so they needed to get their Kumon worksheets out of the way as soon as possible.

I dropped off to sleep; the Neurontin, nerve relaxants, doing its job. We had a couple of hours before lunch (egad!) at Italianni's with the family. Buffet of course. But it was horrendously sardine-like at the restaurant! Sheesh! Hard to squeeze through all the darned tables they forced into the first level area to make up for the space the buffet tables ate up. Stupid, really. Yes, it was a good deal, but did they have to make customers feel like cattle just to get the good deal?!?! Ugh. Definitely NOT going back there during buffet hours!

With my back still hurting, we went straight home. Not a very good birthday day for Raine, but she was okay with it, since we are going to have a party for her at school tomorrow anyway. Whew! :) More hours to get some back rest!

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