Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Long Night, Long Day

I finally and blessedly went to bed at 430. In the morning, that is. Sigh! The insomnia bug has struck me again. And at a bad time, too! I can't have dark circles under my eyes and zits appearing on my face a few days away from the 40th anniversary celebration! Everything has to be perfect on that day.....including what I can control. And sleep really should be one of them. But alas, I just could NOT go to sleep!

No, I'm not like Bang who says that she lay down and closed her eyes and had visions of the wedding in her head, hehehe. I was just in bed and could not go to sleep. I tried shutting down my laptop, watching tv, closing my eyes. Nothing. I gave up and just turned on my computer. Not that I scrapped; how I wish I have some pages to upload and show, but even my mojo has deserted me! Aaargh!

However, I did play Scramble on Facebook, hehehehe.

So I get up after 2 hours of sleep. Knowing that I needed to be up and about the whole day and into the late evening, I drank a HUGE mug of coffee and dumped a couple of tablespoons of cappuccino powder in it. Can anyone say CAFFEINE power? Because that was all that was keeping me going for the entire day.

I had lunch with Jinky at Trinoma to catch up on a ton of things. Haven't seen her in a long, long while. So it was a good 4 hours spent, hehehe.

After lunch, Mom called me to the house. Not wanting to arouse her already suspicious mind about all our late nights out for practices, I had no choice but to go to La Vista, despite the fact that we had to leave the house at 5 pm at the very latest to be at Ponzo's at 6 pm. Aaaargh! And yes, this has to happen on the LAST few days leading to the anniversary. I *knew* it was going to be a long week!

So I chit-chatted with Mom and Lola and was finally able to leave. At 5 pm. I rush home to find the rest of my family still in the bedroom. Grrrr! We finally get to Ponzo's at 630ish. Thankfully, there wasn't that much traffic on the way. We all decided to have dinner first since a lot of people were still on their way (it was raining).

FINALLY, at 7ish, we started practice. Everything was just a total RUSH leading to practice because we all had our costumes in tow. It was dress rehearsal night and we HAD to nail it to make sure we could do it on Sunday. As we all crowded into our makeshift dressing room, it was pure chaos inside, hehehehe. Imagine so many kids and grownups---99% female--- in a tiny room, hurriedly changing into the next dance's outfit. We only had a maximum of 2 minutes for each costume change; and some even involved taking out everything, including shoes! What a nightmare!

But we pulled it off! Surprisingly, considering the fact that we had 4 kids with us in there. And that we had to squeeze into some of our outfits. And that we had to strap on those darned dancing shoes! I knew I should have gotten some pumps! Hehehehe. Admittedly though, they got comfy as I used them more. And my girdle helped keep my back secure. Whew.

So after only 2-3 rounds of the whole number, it was done. Margot said we were ready, despite the fact that she added something new at the end of the finale! Sheesh! Hehehe. A little bit of polishing here and there, but I think we've got it. Showtime is only a few days away! Gulp!

Japa took loads of pics but I haven't seen them anywhere yet, so nothing to show tonight :)


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