Friday, July 11, 2008

School, Salaries and Scraps

Love my title? Totally nothing to do with each other, but that's what I did today, hehehe.


It was PTC today with Ranger's teachers, Teachers Janel and Celine. Apparently, my cute little boy has been a verrry behaved student in class! Major WHOA!!!! Hehehe. According to his teachers, Ranger is an avid listener (again, WHOA!!!!!), very attentive and loves to learn new things. Are they EVEN talking about my son?!?!? My son, with the short attention span and who only cares for Mario Kart?!?!?! Will wonders never cease?!?!?! Hahahahaha! The only negative thing they said about Ranger was that he wasn't all that into writing. Oh. It IS my son they're talking about! :) He is one lazy writer that's for sure. If he can get away with NOT writing, he would! I have to constantly use Mario Kart as a bribe just so he'd do some writing exercises! And we're talking about his name here!

Speaking of names, if he could, Ranger would probably pummel me right now. Why? He's going to NEED to write his WHOLE name sometime this school year.....and he's got THREE names to worry about, plus his middle name AND his last name! That's FIVE names he's got to write down on his paper! Heheehehee. The poor child! These darned teachers won't even give him a break and just tell him to write his FIRST name! Sheesh! They want him to learn his whole name! Really! First-timer teachers maybe? I mean for the other kids, all they had to learn in the beginning were their first names! Hmp! Oh well. Baptism of fire for my youngest, that's for sure. Can you just see him write out his whole name? His paper would be filled with just his name alone!!! Hehehehe.

But for all his writing faults, Ranger is relatively advanced. He can definitely write almost the entire alphabet; his teachers were expecting his class to write only 3 letters at the most. He knows his numbers and he can add simple numbers (up to 10, just as long as they don't go over the number of his fingers, hehehe). So really, it's just his writing.....and I've got to start him on more reading, too. They're starting on sight words, yikes! Although I must admit, he does know sight words like Mario, Luigi, Moo Moo Meadows, Carnival Mall, hehehehe. You know, stuff you see on Mario Kart! I swear, that game will either be the death of me or just be the most helpful teacher's tool ever! :)


Boydee and I sat in (sort of) on Rod's discussion of salaries with Randy S in La Vista. The new wage order had set the ball rolling in terms of us standardizing salaries across salary grade levels. And let me tell you, this is NOT an easy thing to do! Aaaaargh! While Rod and Randy were checking each position/employee and agreeing in terms of salary level, Boydee and I, on the other hand (heave a HUGE sigh here) were forever arguing EVERY single point!!! Aaaaargh!!!

Randy S was just looking at us because apparently we were proving to be very entertaining for him! Our banter just went back and forth until we would either end up shouting or laughing! Randy would look at us like we were crazy...and he was dumbfounded when I told him that today wasn't even CLOSE to what we normally were like when we were actively discussing stuff! Hehehe. Sigh! Tiring, brain-numbing exercise, it was. Not even brain-draining, oh no. We went waaaay past that today! But all in all, it was quite productive, and we agreed on several points, surprisingly! So like I told Randy, it wasn't even close to how we usually agreed to disagree :)


Because my brain was practically numb, I barely eked out ONE page:


Actually, there is one more page, but I can't show it to you yet until after the 14th because I used a kit by Patricia Christensen that's making its debut then.


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