Saturday, July 12, 2008

Practicing on Our Own

Margot had a debut to attend to, so we took matters into our own hands and called for practice. On our own :) We met at the third floor atop Ponzo's and we brought tape measures and masking tape to "draw" our stage boundaries. We were totally serious about memorizing our blocking assignments! We knew people were confused and needed to SEE where the stage was. So, for lack of the real thing, we made do with masking tape!

And it seemed to work! Offhand, we already saw that the dance floor, our secondary stage, was going to be waaay too small for the Tango number. As for Grease, we made our own adjustments and decided that there was no way the girls could all fit on the secondary stage, so we're now doing it on the main stage, hehehe. Of course, all these will be subject to approval, but with the stage sizes the way they are, I don't think Margot can do anything else!

Obviously, the dancing *quality* left something to be desired! Without our choreographer there, not everyone was giving everything they had. But it was ok; just as long as everyone understood the stage boundaries, we were fine. We were total squatter-like, too. We didn't have a sound system, but we did have our laptops and Lai brought speakers which we hooked up to the laptops. Not the greatest sound quality but hey, we had music, hehehe.

It was pretty informal, pretty loose, pretty fun. The kids did learn to "use" the stage when they were on it, so at least they learned something new right? The Dancing Queen divas had the best stage presence though; they totally used the entire stage perfectly!

Here's hoping the next practice will get even better!


Since practice was in the afternoon, and since I hadn't scrapped in like ages, I made up for it!!!


Yeah! Ten more pages to go, hehehehe. Ugh. Where are those quick pages when you need them?!? Hehehe. Plus covers. But I'm just using the SAME cover for all 4 guestbooks!

Ok, too tired to do anything else!

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Rona the LO are gorgeous!!