Saturday, July 19, 2008

Looooooong Day!!!

I do NOT want to go through another day such as today again!!! Ever!!! Shoot me if there is another day like this one on the horizon. Please!

930 am - Everyone was scheduled to assemble at Makati Shang to practice in the ballroom. The stage was already set up and it looked huge, hehehe. We were back was just KILLING me and I was moving oh-so-slowly. I seriously toyed with the idea of NOT going to practice, but I knew the brotherhood and the sisterhood were going to KILL me. Besides, I had the CD with the music on it, lol. Sigh! So I dragged my sorry self up the winding stairs of the hotel (the damn escalator wasn't on that early in the morning!!!) to face the music (so to speak, hehehehe).

I was forced to wear my 2-inch dancing shoes just so I would know how they felt on stage. Ugh. Can anyone say excruciating? Sigh. But the "show must go on" eh? So I endured the darned heels for Staying Alive, the Tango and Boogie Wonderland...until 1 pm, when the choreographer finally yelled "stop!" (the sweetest word I heard that day!)

We weren't done at Shang though. We had to go down to make additional payments at Banquet for the wedding reception on Sunday. Yikes---that's only a week away!!! And that took the better part of an hour. By this time obviously, I was quite dizzy from hunger! We all were!

So off we trooped to Cafe Bola in Greenbelt at around 145 pm. The others had gone ahead and ordered for us, thank goodness. So the food was hot and ready when we got there. I totally inhaled some pesto pasta, I was that ravenous! Not the greatest taste, too, but I didn't care at that point. Not good for someone who has to lose weight, I know; we really should NOT let ourselves go hungry for precisely this reason! Hayayayayay---easy to say, so hard to do!

300 pm - We had TWO parties scheduled for the kids! Sort of. Zinna, Zhar's niece, was celebrating her first birthday party. It was going to be at the Magallanes Clubhouse...which was a main reason we were spending our entire day in dreaded Makati, hehehe. Annika, Roselle's daughter, was also celebrating her birthday today and had invited Raine for her spa party (basically just other kids her age). So the plan was for Ranger, Bric, Robyn and Riley to meet us in Magallanes Church and we would do our exchanging of cars there.

And that's what we did: Raine went with Japa and Ruby who was going to stay with Raine at Annika's to take photos. The rest proceeded to Zinna's party.

Me? I went with RJ straight home because I knew my back couldn't handle being out another 5 hours or so. I had to lie down and rest. Flat on my back and nothing else. And I knew it was bad because I could barely work on my laptop! Yikes!

530 pm - There's Parents' Night scheduled at the kids' school today. Parents' Night for Rogan and Raine's classes. Uhmmm.....I didn't make it of course. Not with this back. I texted my apologies to their teachers. I could barely move at this point, just lying on my back and doing nothing else. Watching some tv, drifting in and out of sleep from the couple of Tylenol I took for the pain.

Horrible day, wasn't it? But the kids totally enjoyed their respective parties. Raine came home with her hair up and gel-colored and splattered with glitter, her face soft and scented from a facial, and her feet nice and soft from a foot spa. She even had new PJs and slippers from her spa party!

And the other kids came home with glitter tattoos on both their arms, full party bags, cute bag tags, lots of candies and prizes they had won at the party. Their eyes would light up when they talked of the magic show, the hotdogs and other food they ate, and the games they played.

That's what I missed. And no one had a camera to capture all those, darn it! Thank goodness Ruby was with Raine though, for her spa party. But there was no camera from our end at Zinna's party :( Oh well. Maybe I should invest in a smaller camera for the yayas to take with them...hehehe. We'll see.

And that was our day. How was yours?

***ETA: some pics I snagged from Zharine's multiply site:

Here's Rogan dressed as I have NO idea what:
Here's a cute one of Raegan:
And look at the AWESONE cupcake tower!!!

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Oh blimey, hope today is less hectic for you and that you feel better soon!