Saturday, July 26, 2008

One More Day and an Impromptu Practice

One more day 'til the big day!!!! Ack!!! Shriek!!! PANIC NOW!!!!!!!

Ok, got that off my chest, whew! Hehehe.

You know how you feel that everything has gone perfectly, and that you've thought that you've done everything ahead of time? Well that was the general feeling we all got when Margot told us this past Wednesday that we were ready; that we didn't need another practice before the big day. Uhmmm.....yeah. As of last night, a bunch of us girls were in a state of panic, thinking that we would FORGET every single dance step taught us! Well, we didn't want to make complete fools out of ourselves, so we called for an impromptu practice for today of all days: a day before the big event. Oh well, at least we would KNOW what to do tomorrow, right?

And good thing we had that practice! We polished every little detail, down to arguing about the last few new steps that Margot had taught us just this Wednesday. We were counting beats, etc, and tried to tie that with the voice over that Boydee and Bang knew we were going to have. From there, we timed our last 4 steps and perfected it. After 3 runs of the entire number, we were done. Finis. Finito.

Satisfied with our performance, we went home to TRY and relax. With 4 kids and 5 different sets of costumes to oversee being prepared, it wasn't exactly stress-free. But the yayas were helpful, and soon enough, everything was ready, and sent to Elizza's for her to bring tonight when she and Bang would be checking in for Mom and Dad.

Even the mannequins and Mom's replica of her original wedding dress and her 25th wedding anniversary dress were sent....and assembled at the room of Randy and Stella who, incidentally, would be arriving TOMORROW MORNING!!! Talk about arriving on the dot, hehehe.

Here's a dark, unprocessed photo of Mom's original dress, a replica. I could NOT find the original one, although I had tried that on oh-so-many decades ago!

And Mom's dress during their 25th wedding anniversary when they renewed their vows as well:

Uhm yeah, I totally forgot the wigs for the mannequins, LOL! Oh well. They displayed the gowns quite nicely in the end, which was the whole purpose anyway.

I am going to go to bed before I get yet another attack of the acne thingamajiggers and they ruin my complexion for the wedding! No no no no!!! Gotta look perfect for tomorrow....say it with me now.......gotta be perfect, everything's gotta be perfect......

Zzzzzz! G'nyt!

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