Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Dog Tired

Dog Tired... meaning "exhausted". And that's what I'm feeling right now. I'm home and I just got out of the shower and am stumbling around, fumbling for the computer keys.

Just got done from work and from there, it was straight to Blue Ridge for dance practice. Oh. My. Gawd. Hehehe. First of all, it was raining. SUCH a dreary evening, really. And it was soooo traffic on the way there! I had a couple of catnaps in the car while poor Japa drove. I couldn't help myself, I was *that* tired. I have NO idea why, though. *shrug here*

When we finally got to Blue Ridge, practice was in full swing and we joined in of course. We threw ourselves bodily into the whole session. I even changed into heels....which made my damn back hurt! Maybe this was one of the reasons why I'm soooooo tired right now!

Then it was dance-dance-dance. Again and again and again. Margot did the blocking tonight, i.e., making sure people got it into our noggins where we should be positioned relative to everyone else for ALL the dances. As if our brains weren't fried enough as they were from work or school (for the kids). The poor kids were getting close to meltdown.....Reese was certainly almost at breaking point as we went past 9 pm, her bedtime. Raegan was close behind her. Hehehe. You should have seen them pouting and stiffly dancing because they were so pissed. Oh well. Meltdown, I say! I was so close to that point, too, by that time!

Anyway, we finally got practice done and over with and I stumbled away and into the car. Got home, showered, and here I am typing away, still fumbling with the dang computer keys, hitting backspace every now and then because my eyes seem to be crossing from exhaustion.

Time to say good night!

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