Sunday, July 13, 2008

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates... never know what you're gonna get." --- Forrest Gump

Why this line? It was what we helped the kids memorize yesterday for some impromptu filming. Well, Ranger was supposed to have said the first line, but after a few half-hearted attempts at it, he gave up and was not in the mood to be in front of the blazing heat of the camera. Sigh!

Ok, now imagine having 9 kids in front of the camera, each doing their own thing...and Boydee and Bang trying to coordinate everything. Result: pure chaos! hehehehe. But they did pull it off, and that's without yelling and screaming at the kids, too! I mean if it were me, I'd have been yelling at the top of my voice since minute number one! Hehehehe. At least they were very patient with the kids. Not to give anything away here, but the whole thing was pretty cute. Hopefully, Andrew and company will be able to edit it to specs!

All the filming yesterday showed a lot of interesting things:
1. Reese is a young lady now, and not a girl
2. Rielle was made for the camera
3. Raegan's eyes can barely be seen when she smiles
4. Rogan was also made for the camera
5. Raine has such an expressive face
6. Riley did really well memorizing his lines
7. Ranger was useless in front of the camera after the first few minutes of having a smile plastered in place
8. Robyn looked adorable in her little cap and dress and could smile when bribed with chocolate
9. Bric was equally adorable in his bowtie and could be directed to hug Robyn with his eyes on the chocolates
Boydee was sooo tired at the end of all the filming, he was snoring by the time we were rushing out to catch the 7 pm mass! Hehehe.

The kids finally got to watch Grease while at La Vista. We all did :) And we finally figured out why Boydee had the subtitles on the whole time---so that he could sing along when the songs were playing! Hehehehe.

But we were glad the kids enjoyed the movie. At least they could place the song within a movie and they could "feel" the dance number more. It definitely helps if you've seen the pros doing the actual moves eh?

This will always be a classic movie in our books :) I've always enjoyed it, as well as Grease 2 and 3 (there was a 3, right?hehehe). Of course, nothing can always beat the original, but I did like Grease 2 almost as well. Bang and Boydee must have ran the movie at least 3 times yesterday in their room! And according to Bang, her and Raine jumped up when our song came up and they began to dance! Hehehehehe. And I know for a fact that after showing number 1, Boydee and Rogan did their moves during the credits when Greased Lightning came on again, before going upstairs for filming. gotta love this movie!

After movie, it was a quick dinner and home. Not feeling up to par still, and sleepy so soon, can you believe? And I hadn't scrapped anything today! Ack!!! Tomorrow.....I *have* to!

Dad was very excited over dinner.....Mom's coming home tomorrow! :)


Olivia said...

Aahhhh... finally an updated blog. haha... I've been checking in for updates for the past days. Hehe... Filming the kids was fun and draining. Hope the AVP will turn out cute! :)

Kim said...

Rona, your layouts celebrating your parents' anniversary are just stunning - awesome work my friend! I'm so excited about the celebration and waiting with baited breath for the next upload of layouts.

Congrats - I've awarded you 2 blog awards - check out my blog for the details!

Hug the kiddos for me (and yourself),