Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Gown and an Invitation

Went to my fitting at Tatang's. And saw my beautiful gown :) Still as red as evah....and quite sparkly hehehe. Truly an Aureo Alonzo creation. HOWEVER.....yes, there is a huge however....he totally forgot that I do NOT display my humongo arms at all! He made this little itsy bitsy cutesy sleeves for my gown. Ugh, ugh and triple ugh! When the gown was still on the rack, I already KNEW that the sleeves were just going to be horrendous on me and I was right! Aaaargh! Oh to have itsy bitsy arms to go along with the gown!!! But alas, I was NOT made like that!

So yes, I was pouting and bitching and telling him that my arms were just horrible and were NOT to be seen. And he pouted along with me and smilingly said ok ok ok, we're going to add some NORMAL sleeves for you! Hahahahaha! In a totally gay coutourier-y (sp?) way! He measured how much of my arms had to be covered and gave some instructions to his minions.

Other than that, my gown is truly lovely! Very tasteful and elegant, if I do say so myself! Just the right amount of beadwork (thank goodness!) and just moi! :) Here's a peek......try NOT to look at my arms, hahaahaha! I told you they weren't itsy bitsy! But you DO get WHY I went all pouty about that part of my dress right? I think it'll look much much better if that part of my anatomy is a tad bit more covered yes?

Oh, and this was taken with Zhar's cellphone, so the color is a deeper, redder hue. It's coming out pink in this photo, hehehe. And if you know me, pink is sooo not my color!

See those sparkly thingies? Those are the beads! :) Love how they're concentrated on the knots of the bows and on the ends of the bows themselves. I have no idea how Tatang is going to make those sleeves bigger and the overall effect, but this means that I have to go back to Manila for yet another fitting! Aaaargh!!!!

And the wedding is NEXT WEEK!!!!!! Can anyone say P.A.N.I.C?!?!

Speaking of panicking, my dear daughter pointedly reminded me that her birthday was this Sunday....but she wanted to celebrate in school. Could I please make her an invitation to give out to her classmates TOMORROW? Oh my goodness!!! Yes, can you hear the panic in my voice now????

Anyway, since I never go anywhere without my laptop, I hurriedly scrapped on the way to Tatang's and came up with this:


Cute huh? Hehehehe. Thank you to Jacque Larsen for making those ADORABLE Paper Dolls! And that giant cupcake and birthday streamers came from her Birthday Bash paper pieced kit. Love her stuff--they are all so fun! Oh and not to forget those cutie polka dotted alpha I used for Raine's name? Courtesy of Kate Hadfield! Raine LOVED those! :)

The file for the invite is going to the printer's tomorrow and hopefully, Raine gets them before school lets out so can distribute them. Talk about photo finish! :) Whew!

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glenville said...

that's a really nice gown. hmm, which makes me think i'll probably try going to aureo alonzo next time. i hope he doesn't charge sky-high...