Monday, July 07, 2008

My Nose to the Grindstone

Nose to the grindstone...."to work extremely hard"....
Yup, workin' hard today. Sort of. Not work-work, but working on stuff for the anniversary celebration. Those involving layouts mostly: the guest books and the novena to be included with the giveaway.

Whoops! Note to self: Need to do table menu cards and inserts, too!!! Ack!

Anyhoo, like I said, I was in front of the computer the whole day. The WHOLE day. And to top it off, I wasn't feeling that great, too. I think I must have caught whatever Japa has, sigh! Not a good thing. My throat is starting to hurt when I swallow, my eyes are watering, and my body hurts. A slight touch anywhere hurts! Flu, you think? I can't get sick now!!! Too much stuff to do!

I did finish 3 layouts today, all for the guest book:

and if you check out the credits in that last layout above, you'll know that I have a new CT!!!

Like I need another CT, you'll say? Hehehe. But I'm always on the lookout for template teams....I live, love, scrap for templates, you know? Makes scrapping life soooo much easier for me! And I enjoy Z's templates and her designs. Yes, she's new, but I'm loving her style. So thank you, Zakirah, for having me on your team! :)

Ok, I am fuh-reezing! Turning the A/C off and hope that Japa doesn't wake, hehehe. And yes, back to the grindstone, finishing up the front and back covers of the novena.


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