Saturday, July 05, 2008

Photo Shoot, Birthday, Dance, Dinner

What a day! No wonder I am pooped!


First off, we woke up early-ish....I remembered the editor-in-chief and a photographer from the magazine of the writer who interviewed me (huh?!?! hehehehe) a few weeks back, were going to be coming today at 9 am. So I got the kids and poor, sick Japing out of bed, into showers and at the breakfast table in record time.

Diane and Cessie (sp?) arrived and we started with the shoot. It wasn't too bad, actually, although it was verrry hot!. They had the kids pose by the wooden spa by the pool holding some of Japa's oars. After a few takes, we moved to the fountain----really UGH!--- but Diane liked it and called it "antique" hehehe. Oh well. Whatever she likes. They had us sit and stand at varying heights and took a family pic there. Nothing great, in my opinion, but they seemed to like what they saw in their camera. Then a few solos of me (roll eyes here); after all, it was MY interview, right?

Watch for Baby Mag, out in the newsstands in August, I think. And BUY a copy! Hehehe :) We asked if they were online yet, and unfortunately, they aren't. You would think in this day and age they would be! After all, they're celebrating their 12th year this year! I think they should totally go online and sell subscriptions that way. Not only would they save trees by saving paper, they'd help add more IT jobs in the process too, right?

For some reason, the sun had made me oh-so-tired! Mom called me to tell me to go to La Vista for lunch because it was Elizza's birthday. I told her we had already had lunch (Pizza Hut delivery, hehehe) and that I was just really sleepy and couldn't get up from bed. Which was true. I knew I was drifting in and out of sleep and the kids were trying to talk to me. They gave up in the end and moved to the girls' room, along with Japa. I have NO idea what's gotten into me! Am I on any new medication!??!??!??


Happy Birthday, Lai!!!! May you have an awesome day, and may it be filled with tons of fun! Of course it will----we're in it! Hehehehehe.


Dance, dance, dance! Yup. At least you saved a ton on your birthday celebration this year, Lai! Hehehehe. Whew! Good thing we had practice scheduled eh? Man, despite the fact that Japa was home sick with the flu, I was still sweating up a storm during practice! I did get to try on my heels during the whole thing and man-oh-man-oh-man! My back sure is paying the price right now! I have GOT to look for those high-heeled crocs I saw online!!!

For some strange reason, I really am soooo tired! And not just because of today's events, but it's my body adjusting to something! And I don't know what it is! Aaargh! I've got to analyze it a little bit more. This isn't good, you know. Sigh! I don't want to get as sick as Japa, that is NOT good at all!

Too tired to even scrap. Just surfed the net to check on some freebies and my email and that's it. I couldn't even bring myself to open Photoshop, it's that bad! Oh well, I bid you adieu!


We then rushed to make dinner at Ayala for Regie's celebration. She cooked this awesome putanesca that was just delish! Yum yum YUM!!!! In fact, everything was so good, I pretty much tried everything and ate a TON of food!!! Ugh! I had the putanesca, some toher pasta with hungarian sausage (a bit spicy for me but equally yummy!), Japa's Carlsbad steak, Mommy Nena's fried rice, Ineng's bbq, and a lot more! I am SO going to regret doing this tomorrow!!! But I sure as hecked enjoyed stuffing my face this evening, hehehehe!


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