Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Perfect Fit!

Went in for my second ---and last--- fitting for my gown today. Mom and Lola went with me. I was excited to see what Tatang did to extend the flimsy sleeves of my gown (see July 16 entry for a thorough description of my gown, hehehe). He didn't disappoint. Much. He sort of covered SOME parts of my upper arms....but it was still a lot barer than what I was used to. Sigh! I guess it'll all have to be ATTITUDE to try and pull carrying this darned thing off! Hehehehe. Hmp! Thank goodness I had my underarms waxed; I know, I know, too much information to share, but hey, I just wanted to stress that I was nice and clean and definitely un-hairy when I'd have to raise my arms. And BELIEVE me, I'm going to be raising these arms on Sunday night!!!

Mom's dress was also brought in and it was just gorgeous. Definitely an Aureo Alonzo creation. It had rouching (sp?) at the top, and fully FULLY beaded from the high empire waist down. It was cut on a bias across the stomach to detract from Mom's er, fullness, and the overall effect was very slimming. But man, that gown was HEAVY! The lace pattern was intricately followed by the beadwork and was a work of art. Just beautiful! And you can bet your horses that I tried it on!!! Hahahaha! I couldn't help myself; I just KNEW I could fit into that gown and that it would look great on me as well! It was loose in the middle, but surprisingly, the chest and shoulder areas fit! Whoa! Good signs that I lost weight, yay!

And dear oc-oc Lola would NOT leave the premises without fitting her gown for the umpteenth time! She wasn't scheduled for a fitting, but she pulled her girdle out of her purse and announced that she was going to try on her gown to make sure everything fit for the big day (it was already perfect when she went with Bang and Lai last week!) and would they please bring it down. Hehehe. Who could say no to *that*?!?

I wanted to take home my gown and practice with it, but Tatang of course said an emphatic "NO!" saying that he would deliver the gowns to the hotel on the big day itself, not sooner. Grrrr! Oh well. I wasn't expecting an answer other than that one anyway. I just thought to try.

Oh and by the way, I did try some few tango kicks to see if I could do them in the gown, and lo and behold, there was a magical SLIT at the back!!! Whoohoohoo!!! Yessss!!!

Was your day as perfect? Hehehehe.

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